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Employee Advocacy

A Simple Tip to Increase the Rank of Your Company: Use Employee Advocacy Platform

Employee advocacy can be described as the brand promotion led by employees on their personal social media channels. The beneficial...

Employee Engagement

5 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

According to 2017 Gallup Poll, 51% of the U.S workforce is not engaged. Additionally, 37% of engaged employees are looking...

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Brand Advocacy, Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy Terms: A quick guide to Employee, Social and Brand Advocacy

You may have heard the term employee advocacy being used often by marketing experts in the last few years. That’s...

Employee Advocacy

5 Stats that Prove Employee Advocacy Can be a Game Changer

Employee advocacy, has been touted as the go-to channel for brands to increase their exposure. A brand’s biggest assets are...

Employee Advocacy

Kickstart your Employee Advocacy Program with these Easy Steps! – Part 2

In Part 1 of this write-up, we took you through the ways in which you can kickstart your employee advocacy...