Advocacy ProgramAdvocacy Program

Advocacy Program

A great Advocacy Program Strategy - Your winning card.

Success through a hassle-free, guided program and customer success team.

Our team will guide you through your entire journey toward full-fledged, holistic brand advocacy, right from helping you set objectives to intelligent learning and scaling up. As specialists in this space, we’re primed to maximize organic growth for your company by leveraging the social media ecosystem in your favor.

Steps to success: building a great brand advocacy program

Review Briefing

Review briefing

The initial phase is all about establishing your context. This is when you determine your business objectives, target audience, context and content, and input and output channels.

Strategy and Program

Strategy and program

In this stage, we will help you design a program, taking into account activation, segmentation, and engagement needs. We then provide recommendations on an optimal bonding mix, along with gamification logic.



This is the technical phase, when our team will configure, activate, integrate, and test your platform. This is followed by training and ongoing support.



Next, we launch experiences, which we track and monitor for further learning and adjustment.



This is an ongoing phase, where we analyze reports, benchmark metrics, apply best practices, and input learning.

The scope for building a good program

We walk with you every step of the way, and find success only when you do.

  • Context setting
  • Analysis & channel finalization
  • Strategy and program design
  • Recommendations & modifications
  • Tech, content, channel, and analytics setup
  • Reward plan configuration
  • Activation setup & integration
  • Training & tech support (ongoing; for admins and users)
  • Activation & deployment
  • Tracking & reporting
  • Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Learning & scaling

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