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Employee Advocacy Program

Delight Users with a Smooth Onboarding Experience

BASIC Support: Delighting Users with a Smooth Onboarding Experience
  • Defining Objective: The initial phase is all about establishing your context. This is when you determine your business objectives, target audience, context and content, and input and output channels.
  • Account Configuration: Our team will help you in configuring, activating, integrating, and rigorously test your platform to ensure it. operates efficiently and meets your specific requirements.
  • Onboarding & Training: Our experienced trainers will guide you through all the essentials of your admin and advocate instances, helping you establish the best practices for your needs.
BASIC Support: Delighting Users with a Smooth Onboarding Experience

Drive User Adoption with Personalized Guidance

Admin Support: Driving User Adoption with Personalized Guidance
  • Rewards and Gamification: To motivate and engage participants, we implement a rewards and gamification system. This includes recognizing top advocates, providing incentives for active participation, and creating friendly competition to drive advocacy efforts.
  • Content Moderation: We employ robust content moderation tools and procedures to maintain a professional and compliant image on social media platforms. Our team ensures that all shared content adheres to your brand guidelines and industry regulations, reducing risks associated with inappropriate content.
  • Content Management: Our platform offers seamless content management capabilities. We provide a repository of pre-approved content, making it easy for advocates to access and share high-quality material. Additionally, we facilitate the creation, scheduling, and tracking of custom content to align with your marketing initiatives.

Elevate Employee Experience with a Personalized Consulting Program

  • Continuous Designing and Training: We provide ongoing training sessions to keep your advocates up to date with the latest best practices and strategies. Our team continually refines the program's design to align with your evolving goals and objectives.
  • Regular Program Reviews: Our team conducts periodic program reviews to assess performance, identify areas for improvement, and make necessary adjustments, ensuring the program's success.
  • Engaging Events: We organize engaging workshops and webinars to keep advocates informed, motivated, and equipped with the latest social media strategies and industry insights.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Our reporting suite offers various types of automated and manual reports, providing in-depth analytics on advocate performance, content engagement, and program effectiveness.
  • Effective Communication: We implement a structured communication plan, including different communication types and stages, to keep advocates informed, engaged, and aligned with program objectives.
  • Program Site Creation: We assist in creating a user-friendly program site, both pre-launch and post-launch, to provide advocates with continuous access to vital information, support, leaderboards, top content, and top-performing advocates.

Customer Testimonials

Bianca Vickers

Digital Marketing Manager at BMT

"The Socxo team tries to accommodate all our needs."

Their team is what I like best. They are very responsive and do the chance to use. The best they can to accommodate our requests and introduce the functionalities we need to make the best use of the tool. I also like how easy the platform is to use, even for people who are not very tech savvy - which we certainly have in our team.

Eric Jan C. van Putten

VP of Marketing at Dynamicweb

"Great solution, with interesting approach!"

- not user based, but share credit based (great to try it out in an organisation)

- price (affordable)

- content intake & moderation

- reporting

Vinod Kumar M

VP of Marketing at [24]

"At [24], we’ve had a great experience with Socxo! The product was simple to understand, very efficient for data collecting, and cost-effective – easily one of the best I have had Their team is what I like best. They are very responsive and do the chance to use.

Our Socxo Support Team has been phenomenal in sharing their knowledge, and tips for utilization and is always ready to help whenever we need it. We’ve seen tremendous results from our program, with brand conversations growing by 2x, a social media engagement rate increase from 7% to ~15% and significantly more positive brand conversations.