privacy policy

Privacy Policy

The Fine Print - Updated 5th May 2021

Socxo Pte. Limited (“Our”, “We”, “Socxo”), provides services to Subscribers including access to the website, the Socxo App and the Socxo mobile application (the “app”) , the Socxly App and the Socxly mobile application (the “app”), subject to respective Terms of Service (the “ToS”) and this common Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) specifically applies to visitors, un registered users and registered users (the “Subscribers”) of the website and/or the “app”, with respect to all information collected on and/or the “app”, and shall form part of the ToS.”. The terms “You”, and “Your” denotes the Subscriber and includes all authorized users and permitted users under a Subscriber. Socxo may collect personal information about You online through or it’s “app” and connected social media handles. By providing Your personal information to Socxo and by using and the “app”, You consent to Socxo collecting Your personal information and using, processing and disclosing it in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Please do not provide Your personal information to Socxo or use and the “app” if You disagree with any of the practices described in this Policy or do not consent to our collection, use or disclosure of Your personal information as described in this Policy.

This Policy provides insight as to the nature of information collected, how and why such information is collected, how such information is stored and how and the “app” utilize such information.

1) What We Collect:

  • 1.1) Socxo offers services of a Social Advocacy platform as an “app” under the name Socxo and another “app” named Socxly for content marketing and management and collects only information necessary for the purposes of providing respective services to You. Such information includes –
  • 1.2) Voluntary Information: Voluntary Information is information that You voluntarily provide to us. As a Subscriber, You may be required to provide certain information including personal information viz., Name of Company, name of authorized person, , email ID etc., upon registration on the Website or the “app”.
  • 1.3) Involuntary Information: Involuntary information is information collected automatically by Socxo when You log in through Our website and/ or log in through Our mobile app. That information may include your IP address, details of Your operating system, Your browser, details of Your computer system, screen resolution, Your browsing activity, and other information about how You interact with Our websites or other websites. We may also collect information regarding Your social network sites such as name, profile picture and track Your social network activities which may include number of likes, comments or shares of the post shared on Your Social media handle through the Socxo & Socxly app. Our website/app may require permissions including the use of Your camera, photos, media, contacts (email ids), location, etc. However, Socxo shall never post any content without Your consent.

2) Why we Collect

  • 2.1) All information collected shall only be used to provide You with the best possible services.
  • 2.2) Your system details (where “system” includes mobile phone, computer, laptop,tablet PC, personal digital assistant etc) including Your operating system, screen resolution, browser details etc., are collected to optimize Our website and other services to suit Your requirements.
  • 2.3) We may also track and analyze Your browsing habits through cookies or other means, which may help us in optimizing the web ads and content which appear on the website. You may exercise your right to withhold this information by disabling cookies in your browser settings.
  • 2.4) Personal information collected during registration process shall be used only for the purposes of registration and maintaining Your account. Socxo may store your payment details including your bank account/credit card information solely for the purpose of automating the renewal process.
  • 2.5) As part of Our services, we may track and analyse Your social media accounts solely for the purpose of providing a detailed and analytical report on the social media marketing carried out through Socxo to your organisation. We do not collect any personally identifiable information from Your social media accounts except name and profile picture.

3) How we store and/or share Your information

  • 3.1) We at Socxo are committed to protecting Your personal information. Socxo shall protect personal information in our possession or Our control by making reasonable security arrangements to prevent unauthorised access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, disposal or similar risks. Although Socxo may attempt to protect Your personal information, Socxo does not ensure or warrant the security of any information You transmit to Us, and that You do so at Your own risk.
  • 3.2) We utilize third party cloud services “Microsoft Azure” or Amazon Web Services or similar providers for the purpose of storing all information. You may go through their respective websites to gain a better understanding of how the information is stored and the security standards implemented for the protection of Your information.
  • 3.3) Socxo does not share Your personal contact information with unaffiliated third parties for non-service related purposes, without Your prior consent. Where we share Your information, Socxo will ensure that Your personal information is stored and processed securely and in accordance with this Policy, in each country or territory in which Your personal information is stored and/or processed, through instruments to which the recipient of Your personal information is legally bound (such as contractual agreements).
  • 3.4) Socxo may use personal information collected for the purposes of registration and management of Your account. Take note that whenever You voluntarily disclose personal information online, Your information could be collected and used by others. Socxo is not responsible for the actions of any third-party websites or mobile applications and their respective Privacy Policy.
  • 3.5) Socxo may, if you so consent, provide some information and user statistics to prospective advertisers, partners or ISP for the purpose of marketing assistance, providing customer service, surveys etc.
  • 3.6) Socxo may disclose personal information when we believe in good faith that the law requires it, or to protect the rights or property of Socxo, or if Socxo believes that such disclosure is appropriate in the interests of national security. Under certain circumstances, the Government authorities or the competent court may require the disclosure of information, including Your personal information and Socxo will be forced to comply especially in the interests of national security, criminal activities, lawsuits etc.
  • 3.7) Socxo may use the information/data to manage its relationship with You; prevent and detect security threats, fraud or other illegal activity; communicate with You and provide updates; offer and provide support services; undertake data analysis and research, improve services etc.
  • 3.8) Socxo highlights that we can send you emails and notifications through this service.
  • 3.9) Your data is protected and presented to you through this application for reference.
  • 3.10) We hereby acknowledge that your data will not be offered to any third party not connected with this service
  • 3.11) For more queries, reach out to your company Administrator for this service.

4) Payment Gateway

Socxo will not collect and hold any information related to your digital/online payment details, except the last four digits of your credit card or debit card which shall be used only for the purpose of automatic generation of invoices. The payments shall be made through secure third party payment gateway and such secure third party payment gateway provider shall collect the credit card details and transaction history as per the terms and conditions as provided in Privacy Policy of the payment gateway would be applicable.

5) Retention of personal information

Socxo will not keep personal information longer than is reasonably necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, or for any legal or business purpose or as agreed between Socxo and your employer. Examples of a legal or business purpose which may justify the retention of such information include a situation where:

  • (i) the information is required for handling any on-going legal claim or action;
  • (ii) retention of the information is required for compliance with any applicable laws or regulations; or
  • (iii) the information is required to carry out business operations, such as to generate annual reports or performance forecasts.
  • (iv) to meet the contractual requirements. Socxo will ensure that personal information is securely destroyed or erased from Our systems when it is no longer required.

6) Right of access

You have the right to request access to, amend and/or withdraw consent given for the collection, use or disclosure of Your personal information that may be held by Socxo. We will take all reasonable steps to comply with the request. You can reach out to your employer and your “app administrator” if you are registered with the Socxo app, or if you are using the Socxly app or have given information on the Socxo Website, you can reach our Socxo Administrator at