Access & Management: Safe and Secure

Access & Management: Safe and Secure

  • Secure login ensures that the platform is easily accessible yet safe for administrators and users.
  • Admin tasks can be performed with just a few clicks, simplifying the management process.

  • The Advocate mobile app brings the platform to users' fingertips, providing access anywhere, anytime.
  • The white-label app's sleek and user-friendly design enhances user engagement.
  • Available on both iOS and Android.

  • Administrators can easily monitor user activity, generate reports, and manage content.
  • Users can seamlessly share company content, engage with posts, and contribute to the platform.

  • The platform's intuitive design ensures that both administrators and users can navigate through features effortlessly.
  • Provides a hassle-free experience, encouraging more active participation from users.
 Why is Employee Advocacy Important
Curate, Add, and Create Content: Effortlessly & Effectively

Curate, Add, and Create Content: Effortlessly & Effectively

By offering a suite of intuitive tools and partnerships, administrators and users alike can efficiently manage and distribute content, ensuring their communication is always at its best.

Curate, Add, and Create Content: Effortlessly & Effectively

  • Blend branded content, industry news, and user-generated content (UGC) for impactful communication.

  • Subscribe and integrate RSS feeds.
  • Easily plug in your social media channels to pull content.

  • Create fresh, original content or start from scratch.
  • Organize content across themed channels for easy sharing.

  • Opt for AI-assisted content curation with partners like UpContent.
  • Leverage technology to simplify your content curation process.

Gamify & Engage: Boosting Participation & Interaction

By incorporating gamification, Socxo transforms routine activities into exciting challenges, making engagement and retention more enjoyable and effective for both administrators and users.

Gamify & Engage: Boosting Participation & Interaction

  • Users earn points for specific activities aligned with business goals.
  • Points system can be customizable by administrators to meet objectives.

  • Features include leaderboards, badges, quizzes, polls, challenges, and campaigns.

  • Showcase top performers and foster a healthy competitive environment.
  • Administrators can tailor leaderboards to target specific objectives and user groups.

  • Reward users with badges for achievements and participation.
  • Use quizzes to educate and engage users while gathering valuable insights.

  • Gather user opinions and feedback with interactive polls.
  • Create challenges that motivate users to achieve specific goals.

  • Run targeted campaigns to drive specific business objectives.
  • Administrators have full control over campaign customization to suit user groups and objectives.
Gamify & Engage: Boosting Participation & Interaction
Share & Interact: Enhancing Connectivity & Feedback

Share & Interact: Enhancing Connectivity & Feedback

Actively engage with content while giving administrators the control to guide sharing and interaction practices. This balance ensures a vibrant community and extended reach for your content.

Share & Interact: Enhancing Connectivity & Feedback

  • Like and comment on content shared within the platform.
  • Share externally to personal social networks, broadening outreach.

  • Administrators can define which actions users can take with each post, ensuring content control.

  • Edit posts to better resonate with different audiences.
  • Share immediately or schedule for optimal times.

  • Real-time updates on latest user interactions and activities.
  • Stay informed on content reach, engagement, and impact.

Track & Analyze: Understanding Impact & Performance

Empowering both users and administrators with the necessary data to track and analyze advocacy activities, ensuring a transparent and results-oriented approach to employee advocacy.

Track & Analyze: Understanding Impact & Performance

  • Users can view their advocacy impact, badges, points, and rewards.
  • Compare performance with peers on the platform.

  • Access detailed data on website traffic driven by advocacy activities.
  • Analyze social media reach and content performance.
  • Monitor user engagement and conversions resulting from shared content.

  • Gain insights into individual contribution and recognition received.
  • Understand the value and impact of advocacy efforts.

  • Monitor overall program performance and individual user contributions.
  • Make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.
  • Identify top performers and areas for improvement.
Track & Analyze: Understanding Impact & Performance
Branded Mobile Application

Branded Mobile Application: Unleashing the Power of Advocacy on the Go

Socxo's branded mobile application is the perfect tool for brands looking to leverage the power of advocacy and foster a strong connection with their brand advocates, anytime, anywhere.

Branded Mobile Application

  • Fully branded application that resonates with your brand identity.
  • Enhances connection with brand advocates through a personalized experience.

  • Available on both iOS and Android platforms for maximum reach.
  • Ensures all brand advocates can access the app, regardless of their device.

  • Easy-to-navigate design facilitates smooth user experience.
  • Advocates can effortlessly engage with and share content.

Customer Testimonials

Bianca Vickers

Digital Marketing Manager at BMT

"The Socxo team tries to accommodate all our needs."

Their team is what I like best. They are very responsive and do the chance to use. The best they can to accommodate our requests and introduce the functionalities we need to make the best use of the tool. I also like how easy the platform is to use, even for people who are not very tech savvy - which we certainly have in our team.

Eric Jan C. van Putten

VP of Marketing at Dynamicweb

"Great solution, with interesting approach!"

- not user based, but share credit based (great to try it out in an organisation)

- price (affordable)

- content intake & moderation

- reporting

Vinod Kumar M

VP of Marketing at [24]

"At [24], we’ve had a great experience with Socxo! The product was simple to understand, very efficient for data collecting, and cost-effective – easily one of the best I have had Their team is what I like best. They are very responsive and do the chance to use.

Our Socxo Support Team has been phenomenal in sharing their knowledge, and tips for utilization and is always ready to help whenever we need it. We’ve seen tremendous results from our program, with brand conversations growing by 2x, a social media engagement rate increase from 7% to ~15% and significantly more positive brand conversations.