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How is Socxo SMART?

Socxo encourages your employees to share their genuine experiences and insights effortlessly. Turn your workforce into brand influencers and expand your reach organically, making your company more visible and trustworthy. It's like having a team of dedicated brand ambassadors who spread the word naturally, creating trust and credibility.


Streamline Your Best Content for Maximum Reach

Streamline Your Best Content for Maximum Reach

Spot & Shine: Dive into the content that's already a hit with your audience. Polish those gems with captivating titles and descriptions.

Foster Conversations: Don't just broadcast; interact! Prompt discussions, cherish every feedback, and reply with heart. Think of it as nurturing a vibrant content community.

Be Everywhere: Put your content on the map! With the right push on social platforms, you're not just reaching out – you're spreading out.

Empower the Squad: Think of your employees as your brand's ambassadors. Ignite their advocacy spirit, and watch their networks evolve into a keen audience thereby boosting your brand's reputation and reach.

Streamline Your Best Content for Maximum Reach
Distribute Content Effortlessly with a User-Friendly Platform

Distribute Content Effortlessly with a User-Friendly Platform

Distribute Content Effortlessly with a User-Friendly Platform

Content Hub: Dive into a world where every piece of content - be it the latest company buzz or pivotal industry updates.

Curate Like a Pro: Blend the finesse of branded content, the relevance of industry news, and the authenticity of UGC. The result? Stellar communication both in-house and out in the wild.

Smooth & Smart Interface: Navigate with ease! With our instinctive interface, you're not just sharing; you're delivering engaging stories smoothly and smartly.

Branded White-Label Application: Available in iOS & Android versions, it empowers your brand advocates with an easy-to-use interface that drives better engagement with your content.

Diverse Content Options: Never miss out on fresh content! With options to subscribe to RSS feeds, plug into social channels, or craft content from the ground up, you're always in the loop.

Only Platform with Innovative Content Sharing Features

Short Link: Make your URLs look smarter with Socxly. Create branded short URLs that improve engagement and CTR. Measure the performance by adding UTM parameters and track impressions, clicks, traffic and conversions.

Clickable Social Cards: Create and post images as clickable links across social media channels. Use an image, title, and description of your choice to present it better.

Third Party CTA Banners: Create Call to Action Banners across any website that supports iframe and generate quality traffic by redirecting your audience from any third-party website without disengaging them.

File Upload: Share your files by using a Short Link. Upload files upto 50mb and send them securely using a Short Link across social media, messages or email in seconds.

Harness the Power of Organic Reach to your Content

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Harness the Power of Organic Reach to your Content

Genuine Engagement: Imagine your content effortlessly weaving its way through the vast digital landscape, touching audiences without the price tag of ads or promotions. That's the beauty of organic reach!

Driven by Algorithms: In the world of social media, it's the algorithms that decide the content reach. They determine what users see and when they see it on their timelines, ensuring genuine interest and authentic interactions.

Master Your Metrics with Ease: Admins, say hello to powerful insights! Dive deep into analytics, keep a pulse on user activity, and gauge the real impact of your content. Understand the ripple effect of every share, every click, every engagement.

Boosted Website Traffic: As your employee influencers share, they're also ushering in a parade of interested visitors straight to your website. It's like opening multiple doors of discovery for your brand.

Gamify Your Employee Advocacy for Enhanced Engagement

Gamify Your Employee Advocacy for Enhanced Engagement

Work Meets Play: Dream of a workspace where the line between work and play blurs? Dive into our advocacy platform where sharing corporate achievements feels like unlocking a gaming achievement!

Everyday Champions: With every share or promotion, employees aren't just influencing; they're competing and conquering! Our program ensures they're not just employees; they're champions of your brand's narrative.

Points, Badges, Leaderboards: As employees champion your content, they rack up points, unlocking rewards that aren't just tangible but also a mark of their influencer status in the organization.

Recognition Beyond Rewards: Beyond the tangible prizes, lies the invaluable gift of recognition. By gamifying advocacy, we ensure that each employee's effort doesn't just count, but is also celebrated.

Gamify Your Employee Advocacy for Enhanced Engagement

Success Through a Hassle-Free,
Guided Program and Customer Success Team

customer success

Our team will guide you through your entire journey toward full-fledged, holistic brand advocacy, right from helping you set objectives to intelligent learning and scaling up. As specialists in this space, we’re primed to maximize organic growth for your company by leveraging the social media ecosystem in your favor.

Program Plans
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Customer Testimonials

Bianca Vickers

Digital Marketing Manager at BMT

"The Socxo team tries to accommodate all our needs."

Their team is what I like best. They are very responsive and do the chance to use. The best they can to accommodate our requests and introduce the functionalities we need to make the best use of the tool. I also like how easy the platform is to use, even for people who are not very tech savvy - which we certainly have in our team.

Eric Jan C. van Putten

VP of Marketing at Dynamicweb

"Great solution, with interesting approach!"

- not user based, but share credit based (great to try it out in an organisation)

- price (affordable)

- content intake & moderation

- reporting

Vinod Kumar M

VP of Marketing at [24]

"At [24], we’ve had a great experience with Socxo! The product was simple to understand, very efficient for data collecting, and cost-effective – easily one of the best I have had Their team is what I like best. They are very responsive and do the chance to use.

Our Socxo Support Team has been phenomenal in sharing their knowledge, and tips for utilization and is always ready to help whenever we need it. We’ve seen tremendous results from our program, with brand conversations growing by 2x, a social media engagement rate increase from 7% to ~15% and significantly more positive brand conversations.