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Discover the collective power of social media influence

Power-up your content marketing effort. Discover the collective power of the social media influence through people networks – attract, engage, and empower your employees, customers, partners, and fans to be your best brand ambassadors with brand advocacy like never before.


Employee advocacy

Amplify brand reach by sharing curated content across employees’ social networks.Effectively engaged and empowered employees turn into impressive personal brands and powerful brand advocates – the most powerful marketing tool you can ask for.
Leverage a centralized, user-friendly dashboard to facilitate quick and easy sharing of relevant internal and external information with all your employees, regardless of time and location constraints.

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Social selling

Thinking of social selling? Then this is the perfect platform for you. Arm your sales teams to establish thought leadership, monitor competitor activity, attract and engage prospects, and generate, track, and convert leads to fast-track their way to your business goals. Maximize the performance of sales personnel by empowering them to leverage social media influence and amplify the business goals that matter the most.

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Influencer marketing

In our lingo, micro and nano-influencer marketing is the real deal – they're the real fans of your business and brand. The fans of your business and brand. Leverage authentic, relatable micro and nano influencers to become your brand ambassadors.

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Customer advocacy

Let happy customers – the truest advocates of your brand – be part of your growth journey. Empower them to spread the word about your awesomeness to everyone in their world. Achieve unprecedented organic reach with user-generated content (UGC), trusted brand voices, and authentic brand advocacy.
Read our blog: Customer Advocacy: Your Ace for Marketing Success.

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Employer branding

Enhance employee communication to build a great employer brand – and amplify recruitment efforts to attract the best available talent in the industry. Increase employee engagement, streamline the hiring process, and influence company reviews and ratings, while at the same time boosting overall branding.

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Partner Advocacy

Enable partners – who’re among the most key stakeholders in your business – to sell via their networks. Leverage the power of aligned business objectives to accelerate brand building. Incentivize results with benefits-linked partnership programs.

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Discover the benefits of using our brand advocacy platform

Spend Less Money on Advertising

Deliver a bigger bang for the buck

Dominate Social Media

Add the power of earned media

Get Insights Into Your Advocacy Program(s)

Discover attribution analytics for your advocacy programs

Reward Your Brand Advocates

Generate internal and external engagement

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Put Socxo to work for you.


How Socxo works

Curate & disseminate content
Curate & disseminate content

Arm users with relevant content. Curate branded, industry, and user-generated content for effective internal communication as well as external sharing.

Connect with users
Connect with users

Create close-knit, informed communities, encourage interaction, sustain the pace to strengthen relationships.

Engage users and prospects
Engage users and prospects

Enhance engagement by encouraging lively discussions and conducting polls, campaigns, competitions, and quizzes. Foster continued activation through rewards and recognition.


Analyze results – calculate organic reach, user engagement, and resulting conversions. Tweak, fix, repeat.

Brand it as your own

White-label the solution to conform to your brand guidelines. Make brand advocacy part of your own integrated communication.

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