"With Socxo our Customers were able to generate 4x Earned Media Value."

Explore how Socxo simplifies and enhances the process of empowering your employees to share content on social media. From crafting content to diving into analytics, see how Socxo can elevate your employee advocacy efforts.

Let’s Begin our journey to explore:

  • A comprehensive look at Socxo's platform capabilities and practical applications.
  • Setting your employee advocacy objectives, key success indicators, and specific needs.
  • Understand your needs and assess Socxo's compatibility with them.
  • Enhance your organic visibility by extending your content's reach.
  • Ways to highlight your company culture to attract top-tier talent.
  • Breakdown of Socxo's pricing structure, implementation process, and available client success resources.

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    "Employee advocacy is an always up marketing channel that drives 5x more web traffic and 25% more leads. Also, brands can increase content engagement by up to 700x and brand awareness by up to 24x with employee advocacy." (Inc.)

    Customer Testimonials

    Bianca Vickers

    Digital Marketing Manager at BMT

    "The Socxo team tries to accommodate all our needs."

    Their team is what I like best. They are very responsive and do the chance to use. The best they can to accommodate our requests and introduce the functionalities we need to make the best use of the tool. I also like how easy the platform is to use, even for people who are not very tech savvy - which we certainly have in our team.

    Eric Jan C. van Putten

    VP of Marketing at Dynamicweb

    "Great solution, with interesting approach!"

    - not user based, but share credit based (great to try it out in an organisation)

    - price (affordable)

    - content intake & moderation

    - reporting

    Vinod Kumar M

    VP of Marketing at [24]7.ai

    "At [24]7.ai, we’ve had a great experience with Socxo! The product was simple to understand, very efficient for data collecting, and cost-effective – easily one of the best I have had Their team is what I like best. They are very responsive and do the chance to use.

    Our Socxo Support Team has been phenomenal in sharing their knowledge, and tips for utilization and is always ready to help whenever we need it. We’ve seen tremendous results from our program, with brand conversations growing by 2x, a social media engagement rate increase from 7% to ~15% and significantly more positive brand conversations.