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Brand Advocacy

Trust in times of crisis

Businesses, Take Note: Build Trust in Times of Crisis.

“I would rather lose money than trust.” Robert Bosch Never before have these words rung truer than they do today when the world has been brought buckling down to its knees – with no...
Growth Hacking Social Media Engagement

Growth hacking Social Media Engagement… Organically.

Growth Hacking is much less a freak chance than it is the result of a series of deliberate steps taken to expand exponentially. One of them is a focussing your attention to drive business...
Brand Advocacy and SEO

Brand Advocacy and SEO. It’s Tango time!

Let’s start this by asking do you think SEO can be impacted through Advocacy? Ever thought about it? To any marketer worth his salt, the value of positive press is a no brainer. Yet,...
Employee Advocacy

Time to think Employee Advocacy 2.0.

Let’s get this right, many brands are already doing some kind of employee communications and also promoting employee advocacy models. They are already doing this with or without any specific platform or tool as...
Partner Advocacy

Partner Advocacy. Power up your Channel Partners to surge ahead.

Let’s face it. The buzz around marketing technology and media and the thinning of lines between marketing and sales is reaching a tipping point. Indirect sales is where Channel Partners come in. This is...