Simple pricing that works at any scale.

Forget setup fees, hidden charges and high pricing based on the number of employees on the platform. We believe you should pay only when you benefit from SOCXO. That’s why our model of Pay Per (Content) Share is perfect for you.

Choose from our range of Subscription Plans to achieve your marketing goals. Or we can custom design a plan for you, too!

Each plan includes a free 30-day trial and you can cancel at any time.

Calculate your share requirement

500 Shares / Month

Billed Monthly
MOST Popular
Billed Yearly

TOP-UP Additional Content Shares

Top-Up Content Shares Cost Per Share $ Price $
250 0.2500 63
500 0.2000 99
1000 0.1800 179
2000 0.1600 319
3000 0.1400 421
5000 0.1250 624
10000 0.1100 1099

Buy additional Top-Up Content Shares if you exceed the Monthly Share quota
Note - You can carry forward additional top-up shares until the Original Subscription Plan is valid.
Email: for purchase of Top-up Content Shares above 10,000

SOCXO's Features

  • Admin and Advocate Profiles
  • Link Brand Pages
  • Set Content Sources
  • Publish Blurbs
  • Invite/Delete Users
  • Manage Employee - generated content

Manage Brand Social Media

  • Auto Approve Posts
  • Create Employee Teams
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Gamification and Leaderboards
  • Rewards and Redemption
  • Messenger
  • Available on Android and IOS

Calculate your brand's potential reach

Calculate your monthly share requirement

No. of Employees






*An average employee has 338 social media connections.


With just 3000 SOCXO shares per month, you can get





Avg. CPM on Facebook is $7.29*

with Socxo, you get a whopping 4326% savings!

(*As per this Adespresso Study)

Plan, Pricing & Payment FAQs

Subscription Plan

Can I buy a recurring subscription plan?

You can choose to buy & pre-pay any recurring subscription of a monthly, quarterly or yearly Plan.

When does my subscription billing cycle start?

Your subscription billing cycle starts on the date we raise the invoice for your subscription and will renew monthly, quarterly or yearly thereafter based on your subscription plan.

When & how do I top-up additional content shares for the month?

If you feel that you are consuming early or already consumed your monthly quota of content shares before the current month is over, you can decide to top-up additional content shares for the month.

Send us an email at with the content share topup numbers, we will provide you with a plan within 24 hours. The plans are recurring in nature to allow continued use of the platform.

Example: If you have a M1K (monthly 1000 shares) plan, and you have consumed your 1000 shares quota within 15 days of the current month, you can plan and top-up additional content shares as per your need.

Billing for Additional Shares: You will be billed and invoiced separately for additional shares consumed extra for the month. You are requested to pay the invoice within 15 days of billing.

Can I change my plans from monthly to quarterly or yearly or reverse?

Your subscription billing cycle starts on the date we raise the invoice for your subscription and will renew monthly, quarterly or yearly there after based on your subscription plan.

Can I cancel my subscription plan or stop recurring payments anytime?

Of course, you can cancel your subscription plan anytime by intimating us or stop recurring payments by removing your credit card information set up for recurring payments (coming soon).

Can I carry forward or get a refund on unused content shares?

We have planned & priced it so well that we do not offer refund or allow carry forward of unused shares to subsequent months from any subscription plan.

Do you accept credit cards for recurring payments?

We will be introducing online payments soon for payment through credit cards, debit cards and net banking. Once we offer it, you can set your credit card for recurring billing & payment for your subscriptions

Why CPS (Cost Per Share)?

What is CPS (Cost Per Share) or Pay Per Content Share?

SOCXO charges you only if content is shared by a user from the SOCXO platform into their personal social network or onto their communication apps. Which means you can bring all your users (unlimited) onto the SOCXO platform.

Example: If a user shares a content on his/her Facebook account, it is counted as one share of content. If the user shares again the same content to his / her Twitter account, it is counted as another content share.

Why do we pay for content shares and not for users? Can we have unlimited users on SOCXO?

We believe that your intent of using SOCXO is to drive your employees/associates to amplify and share your brand content into their personal social networks. Hence, you are paying only for an activity (content sharing) by your user, which gives you better performance & ROI metrics.

Why don’t we charge a user based fee?

We want SOCXO to be a highly engaging platform & a vibrant employee ecosystem for your enterprise. If we charge you per user, you may end up paying for users who are just registered on the platform or may be just reading/consuming content but not sharing it (the real intent). Hence, we want you to bring all your users (unlimited) on this platform.

Does CPS (Cost Per Share) reduce if I buy higher content share plans?

Yes, CPS (Cost Per Share) decreases as you buy higher content shares plan or upgrade your subscription from monthly to quarterly or to yearly plans. The discount starts from 15% for quarterly plans and can go as high as 35% for yearly plans. Plus, the CPS decreases if you buy a monthly plan of 2000 shares instead of a monthly plan of 1000 shares as well. We motivate you by reducing cost per share while your activity and usage on the platform increases. Pay less for more use is our motto.

How do I calculate or decide how many content shares I should buy?

We provide you a calculator to help you decide on the content shares plan based on the number of advocates of the platform, expected content shares per day etc

How to buy a content shares plan and is it recurring in nature?

Content share plans are pre-paid for every subscription. Login to your admin portal to buy any content shares plan of your choice. The plans are recurring in nature to allow continued use of the platform.

You can pay for a plan every month, quarter or yearly as per your subscription. Of course, you can stop a subscription anytime and it will become effective once your current subscription is over. You can choose the content share plan (M1K, M2K or Q1k etc) which suits your need best.

Example: If you buy a M1K plan, you will get 1000 Content Shares every month which needs to be consumed or used within the month. If you buy a Q1K plan, you will get 1000 content shares every month for consumption or use within the subscribed quarter. No, carry forward of unused shares of the month are allowed.