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Performance-based Pricing

NO setup fees, hidden charges, or idle user pricing.
PAY ONLY FOR content shared via Socxo.

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Here is how our pricing model works. We believe in performance-based pricing and hence we priced our packages based on the activity of sharing a content from our platform. We do not follow the traditional user-based pricing, which is fixed and not clearly measurable. Plus, we do not have any hidden platform set-up or activation charges.

What is a content share?
Content Share

A content share is the unit we take for usage of the platform.

When a user (advocate) shares a content from the Socxo platform to his/her social media or communication channel, it is counted as a share.

For instance, if a user shares one piece of content to his/her Facebook account, it constitutes one share. The same content shared on LinkedIn constitutes one more share and so on.

However, please note, further shares and re-shares that happen on the social channels is not counted.

How long are the content share packages valid?
Share Packages

Annual Share Pack :
All Annual Share Packages are valid until the content shares are used/consumed or within a period of 12 months, whichever is earlier.

Socxo Monthly Share Package

Socxo Monthly Share Package :
Post the 21-day free trial, the Monthly 500 Shares Package is valid for 30 days or actual use of 500 shares before 30 days, whichever is earlier.

If you consume the Monthly 500 Shares Package before 30 days or if the Monthly 500 Shares Package Subscription ends on 30 days, whichever is earlier, You must buy another Monthly 500 Shares Package or Upgrade to an Annual Package to keep your platform subscription active.

Carry forward NOT allowed for Unused Shares in the Monthly Package.

Can I change packages midway?
share packages

If you want to upgrade from the monthly package to annual you can do so at any time. And the unused shares if any on the monthly package will be added into your account along with the annualized shares.

Can I carry forward unused shares on any package?
Forward unused shares

For Socxo Monthly Share Package :
Carry Forward is NOT allowed. Allocated Monthly 500 shares should be consumed within 30 days or earlier. (For carry forward options across months, please subscribe to an annual package)

For Socxo Annual Share Packages :
Any unused shares, up to a maximum of 20% of total shares of your current active annual package (Standard or Enterprise packages only), can be carried forward, on renewal of the subscription to the same package or to higher packages, if the renewal is done before expiry of your current annual package.

The validity of the carried forward shares will coincide with that of the new paid package and the carried over shares are not eligible for further carry forward again in the future even if unused. Additional terms and conditions apply.

What are the add-ons to the platform?
add ons

There are optional applications you can add to your content share package.

Up Content – a service within Socxo to discover and fetch relevant and recent content from the web for specific keywords search which aligns with your business.

Branded Mobile App – we offer a branded mobile app of Socxo to drive better engagement of the advocacy program with your brand advocates / users.

Most of our customers so far have opted for the add-ons, simply because they are a great way to enhance your advocacy program engagement.

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Branded iOS / Android Apps*
Branded Web Application


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Analytics (website traffic, social media reach, content performance, user engagement, and lead generation)

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Partner Integrations (UpContent)*
Advanced Integrations*


Coaching & On-boarding
Dedicated account management
Online Customer support

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