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Consumer Marketing Strategies

4 Steps to Activate Your Employees as Micro-Influencers

It doesn’t take thousands of followers on social media to become a powerful influencer. Welcome to the age of micro-influencers, active social media users who despite having fewer followers, have the power to amplify your...
Influencer Marketing

13 Key Stats That Prove The Rise of Consumers & Employee As Micro-Influencers

Are you looking for some interesting numbers that prove the Rise of consumer and employee micro-influencers in the modern day? Not yet convinced about why you should be seriously considering Advocacy Marketing? Here are...
Influencer Marketing Strategy

How to Identify Your Customers as Micro-Influencers

Goodby influencers. Hello, Micro-influencers. If there’s one thing that businesses and brands need to invest in, it’s trust. And that is what’s delivered when you connect authentic Customers as Micro-Influencers to your marketing programs....

Power up Employee Engagement through Gamification.

A gamified employee advocacy program should improve the professional development and personal brand of employee brand advocates. Gamification. A much-abused word. But in the real sense a great way to generate engagement for your...
Harness the Digital Skills of Your Employees and Customers

Harness the Digital Skills of Your Employees and Customers

Harness the Digital Skills that are already there in your employees and customers and you’ll find that you’re having way more exposure online than before! The skills are already there It isn’t only millennials...
Employee Engagement Activities

Three Employee Engagement Activities That You Can Start Doing Now

We would like to show you the effective drivers of employee engagement in the infographic below. 32% of U.S. workers are engaged in their jobs, and when compared to their peers show (Source: Gallup):...
Brands should invest in advocacy marketing

4 Compelling Reasons Why Brands Should Invest in Advocacy Marketing

What is advocacy marketing and the reasons to invest in it? Advocacy marketing focuses on getting your current employees, influencers, customers and partners to share their positive experiences with your company to other people...
Brand Advocacy Success

4 Guidelines to Measure Your Brand Advocacy Success

Is it possible to calculate the success of an advocacy campaign? Yes. we have given guidelines to measure brand advocacy success in the infographic below. How do you calculate the success of an advocacy...
Employee Advocacy Trends

5 Ways to Grow Employee Brand Advocates

Employees are your most valuable Sales people, Marketers, Advertisers, Spokesperson, Advocates, Influencers. As Brand Advocates, your employees have huge selling power. 5 Ways to Grow Employee Brand Advocates given below. Global Study of 2300...
Advocacy Marketing

7 Advocacy Marketing Tips You Need to Learn Now

7 Advocacy Marketing Tips Advocacy marketing is a way to harness the power of customers or employees in order to get exposure for your company. Using their already established networks, you can amplify the reach...
Advocacy Marketing

What is Advocacy Marketing

Advocacy Marketing harnesses the power of your employees, customers and partners to transform them into trusted brand advocates. Advocacy marketing has become a popular buzzword in today’s digital world. Unleash the power of advocacy...
Employee Advocacy

Key Benefits of an Employee Advocacy Program

Employee Advocacy is a strategic, sustainable, organic program that drives employees to promote the organization (brand) that they work for. Socxo is a leading Brand Advocacy platform that helps brands build, manage, and measure social media...
Advocacy Ideas

Why brands need to invest in Advocacy Marketing

Advocacy Marketing is an excellent investment if you want to increase your brand advocate base and maximise the reach of your marketing efforts. Key Stats that Prove Advocacy is Crucial Just 20% of brands...
Five Goals to Consider in Using Advocacy Marketing

Five Goals to Consider in Using Advocacy Marketing

Advocacy marketing, like any other form of marketing, requires key goals to get the real outcomes for your business. Here are 5 goals from Socxo that helps you improve your advocacy marketing efforts. Improve...
Bulding an Advocacy Marketing Program

5 Key Steps to Building an Advocacy Marketing Program

Today, social media opens up a new world of Advocacy Opportunities to tap and motivate important marketing assets – employees, customers and partners. Establish Clear Objectives: The first and foremost step is to establish...
Advocacy Marketing Efforts

5 Tips to Improve Your Advocacy Marketing Efforts

Advocacy Marketing is the best thing that could ever happen to your business; there is no doubt about that! But it isn’t enough to set the ball rolling. Advocacy Marketing, like any other form...
Value of Advocacy Marketing

Value of Advocacy Marketing

Advocacy marketing is the process of inciting and equipping your employees, customers and partners to generate buzz around your brand through social mentions and word-of-mouth marketing, which will, in turn, help you to boost...
Brand Advocacy Strategy

Branding and Social Advocacy – Match Made In Heaven

Social Advocacy and Branding are a match made in heaven. Only 15% of people trust a brand’s messages and ads. 84% of people trust people whom they know. But where’s the money going? TV...
Brand Advocates

Who Are Brand Advocates?