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5 Key Benefits of an Employee Advocacy Program

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The industry experts agree that employees are the most valued assets of an organization. One of the key challenges in today’s digital world is to engage your employees productively. So, this people asset can be much more than just a workforce – they are the strongest marketing engine to build your online brand. Ask yourself then, are you really harnessing the power of your employees through a strategic employee advocacy program? Why is this important?  Companies today should invest in their employees and engage them to participate in their advocacy program.

SOCXO, the all-in one advocate marketing platform can transform your employees, customers and partners as trusted brand advocates.  Below are five key benefits of engaging your employees in advocacy marketing programs.

  1. Build Employee Loyalty

Empowering your employees through an advocacy program shows them that you have faith and trust in them. Why? Because you’re giving your employees the opportunity to act as change agents on behalf of your brand, and more so, you are trusting them to do it right. How are they going to feel about this? For each piece of content that they share with their social circle, you’ll be racking up employee loyalty points. They’ll feel that you trust them, and in turn they’ll be more loyal to you. It’s a win-win, as your employees will be building your brand image and feeling great about it too.

  1. Increase Company Growth and Profits

In an article entitled ‘Why Social Media Marketers and Brand Managers Should Care about Employee Advocacy,’ author Dave Hawley writes: “a 12% increase in brand advocacy generally generates a 2X increase in revenue growth.”

Yes, your efforts to implement your advocacy program will increase your company’s growth and profits!

  1. Increase Brand Recognition and Visibility

Engaging your employees through a strategic advocacy program will result in increased brand recognition and visibility. In fact, a 2015 study by Hinge Research and Social Media Today of 588 professionals who use social media for business purposes, found that almost 80% reported increased visibility and 65% said it led to increased brand recognition. Other key benefits are increase in web traffic, better search engine rankings and decreased marketing costs. The reason? Employee advocates have the power to drive your firm’s marketing value through their shares on social media – this way people on their network will be more inclined to consume your company content.

  1. Turn Employees into Thought Leaders and Industry Experts

Once your employees start advocating for your brand, they will be viewed as product experts. This has a two-fold benefit.

First, consumers who are in their social reach will take your employee’s recommendations more seriously. Secondly, as each employee’s personal brand grows, they’ll feel closer to the market and more motivated to perform.

5. Grow Consumer Trust in Your Brand

Cumulatively, your employees have a far greater social reach than your brand does – research by Cisco shows that employees have 10 times more followers than corporate social accounts. Therefore, not only will you reach more people, but more importantly have the opportunity to build consumer trust in your brand. The 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer showed that consumers “place more trust in company employees than they do in individuals who are the public face of the brand, like the CEO.” Remember, the more consumers trust your brand the more likely they’ll be to convert into customers, and become brand advocates themselves.

An effective employee advocacy program requires proper planning and implementation to reap these key benefits.  Interested to know more  about employee advocacy? Reach out to Team SOCXO to achieve these benefits for your business.

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