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employee advocacy is it the next generation word of mouth marketing

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Employee Advocacy – Is it the next generation word of mouth marketing?

Word-of-Mouth Marketing has always been the best weapon in a marketer’s arsenal. A study by Ogilvy, Google and TNS says that 74% of consumers identify...

5 key stats to prove employee advocacy is crucial in today’s digital world

Employee Advocacy

5 key stats that prove Employee Advocacy is crucial in today’s digital world

Every business is going digital today and the impact of social media in trusting and recommending brands has become the...

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infographic advocacy marketing

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4 Compelling Reasons Why Brands Should Invest in Advocacy Marketing

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4 Guidelines to Measure Your Brand Advocacy Success


On-Demand Webinar: Unleash the power of gamification to harness an army of employee advocates

Gamification plays a pivotal role in employee engagement. Gartner highlights that gamification strategies for marketing and customer retention would become...