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Branding and Social Advocacy – Match Made In Heaven

Brand Advocacy Strategy

Social Media Advocacy

Social Advocacy and Branding are a match made in heaven. Only 15% of people trust a brand’s messages and ads. 84% of people trust people whom they know. But where’s the money going?

  • TV – $78.8 billion (42%)
  • Digital – $52.8 billion (28%)
  • Print – $27.9 billion (15%)
  • Radio – $17.6 billion (10%)
  • Outdoor – $8.7 billion (5%)
  • Cinema – $0.8 billion (0%)

Source: Strategy Analytics Advertising Forecast, 2015

Think Social Advocacy: A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is, it is what consumers tell each other it is – Scott Cook. Word of Mouth Publicity on social media through employees, customers, agents, and influencers.

What is Social Advocacy

Social advocacy refers to the actions of brand advocates who publicly share information related to their experiences with a company or their perceptions of the business’s brand identity.

How does it help my brand?

Advocacy is the next level of engagement. It will be the currency of tomorrow’s successful marketers – Todd Defren

  1. Improved marketing reach
  2. More website traffic
  3. Increased social engagements
  4. More Inbound Leads
  5. Impact purchase decisions
  6. Increased Bottom Lines
  7. Reduced AD spend
  8. Deflect Customer Criticism

Advocacy unlocks the networking power of one-to-one relationships with a key of trust – Rick Wion

Social advocacy Can Make that Difference

  • Sales: Boost social selling
  • PR: Be the brand that people love
  • HR: Step up social recruiting
  • Management: Enhance personal branding
  • Customer service: Increase customer interaction
  • Marketing: Drive more revenue

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