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Socxo Recognitions

Recognition as a start-up and as a content marketer.

Last few weeks we have been featured and recognised both as a start-up and for the content we’ve been creating. Firstly, thanks to Feedspot for featuring our blog among the top 100 branding blogs....
Micro Influencers

How to Leverage Customers as Micro Influencers.

When customers speak about your brand. They endorse you for the experiences they’ve had with you. However big or small. And that’s not all. They also embed trust in the message they transmit.
Content Marketing Strategy

Mantra to dressing up your follower’s timelines: Get different.

What is that you consume on a daily basis but it doesn’t show on you? Content! Web content, to be precise! It is fascinating to think that we are almost, at all times exposed...
The Kenscio-SOCXO Success Story

The Kenscio-Socxo Success Story

Success Story About Kenscio Kenscio is a leading data-driven Digital Marketing company in India. Having started in 2009 as an Email Service Provider, Kenscio has evolved into a 360-degree marketing company with core competencies...
Improve Employee Engagement

5 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

According to 2017 Gallup Poll, 51% of the U.S workforce is not engaged. Additionally, 37% of engaged employees are looking for jobs or watching for opportunities, as are 56% of not engaged and 73%...
Employee Advocacy Guide

Employee advocacy Terms: A quick guide to Employee, Social and Brand Advocacy

You may have heard the term employee advocacy being used often by marketing experts in the last few years. That’s because it is a social media strategy that has proven to be profitable for...
Kickstart your Employee Advocacy Program

Kickstart your Employee Advocacy Program with these Easy Steps! – Part 2

In Part 1 of this write-up, we took you through the ways in which you can kickstart your employee advocacy program and communicate its requirements to your employees. The final stages of the program...
Kickstart your Employee Advocacy Program

Kickstart your Employee Advocacy Program with these Easy Steps! – Part 1

If there’s one thing that separates a good brand from a great one, it’s how well it can create a special connection with its employees. The best advocacy programs empower employees to speak their...
Engaged Employees

Employee Engagement – Is Your Organization Ready?

It would seem that the whole buzz around employee engagement is a mere passing trend, however, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Employee engagement matters to the productivity of an organization and has...
Employee Advocacy Marketing Campaign

Boost Your Marketing Campaign with Employee Advocacy

Businesses can leverage on their employees to improve their brand’s reachability and the performance of their marketing campaigns. This can help reduce the overall spend on marketing that businesses incur annually. The answer lies...
Brand Advocay Marketing

How to Turn Your Entire Staff into a Social Media Army

A key philosophy that we at team Socxo heavily believe in and advocate is that a company’s greatest asset is its employees. Why is that? Because your employees are like an army that can...