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Implement Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy

Dos & Don’ts In Implementing Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy is the next generation Word Of Mouth (WOM) marketing! It is the promotion of an organization by its...


Advocacy Marketing, Influencer Marketing

What is the Difference Between Advocacy Marketing & Paid Marketing?

Advocacy marketing has been popularised among business strategists and marketers. It is popularly being adopted by an organization as it...

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Employee Brand Advocates

Brand Advocacy, Employee Advocacy

Is Brand Advocacy Similar to Employee Advocacy?

Is brand advocacy similar to employee advocacy? It is perhaps, the most critical question every organization encounters while formulating an...

Employee Advocacy Stats


Five Key Stats that Prove Employee Advocacy is Crucial for Internal Communication:

Here’s some insight on how employee advocacy impacts internal communication within an organization

Internal Commnication With Team

Employee Advocacy, Internal Communications

Six Common Myths of Internal Communication and Employee Advocacy

With the advent of social media technologies, internal communication is rapidly changing within the organization. Most organizations have started adopting...