How Socxly Works

Create & associate a CTA Banner to Redirect Users / Traffic to your Landing Page

Call-To-Action Banners

Associate your Facebook Pixel Code, LinkedIn Insight Tag or Twitter Website Tag to build custom audience for Remarketing.

Pixel Remarketing

Your Smart Short Link is now ready for Share on Social & Communication Apps

Linked File Sharing

Make Your Digital content Marketable, Actionable and Measurable

Linking Tool

Socxly is way more than just a Short Link tool. It helps you make it smarter to share and measure all actions on the link.


It drives user engagement and action on your short links with associated CTA banners, Conversion codes and UTM trackers.


And, you can measure performance of short links & cta banners through impressions, clicks, traffic and conversions.

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Features and Benefits at a Glance

File Upload

File Link

  • Upload a File and Create a Short Link
  • Make your File Link shareable & trackable
  • Associate File Link with Smart Socxly Features
  • Share File Link as Content on Social Media
  • Track Clicks and Measure Downloads
CTA redirect Banners

CTA Banner

  • Create Branded CTA (Call To Action) Banners
  • Drive visibility for your brand and campaign
  • Redirect Users to your Landing Pages
  • Associate Multiple Short Links to a Banner
  • Measure Impressions, Clicks, Traffic & Conversion
Pixel Remarketing

Remarketing - Facebook Pixel Code, LinkedIn Insight Tag & Twitter Website Tag

  • Set up Retarget Codes
  • Associate with Multiple Short Links
  • Fire it when users click on the Short Links
  • Build your Custom Audience for Remarketing
  • Target relevant audience for better conversion
Clickable Social Cards

Social Card

  • Spruce up the OG Content for your Short Link
  • Make it Presentable before Sharing
  • Make Images Clickable on Social Media
  • Create more Engagement and Traffic
Shareable Post

Post Share

  • Add a Post Text before Sharing
  • Share your Socxly Links to Social Media Apps
  • Copy / Share to Email & Other Apps
  • Market / Promote your Socxly Short Links
  • Measure engagement & attribution

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