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Like any other industry, the world of brand advocacy comes peppered with its own jargon. Don’t worry, Socxo’s got your back. Here’s a lowdown of what you need to know to keep up.

Content curation

Content curation is the process of gathering, sorting, and narrowing down on digital content that is most relevant to a specific strategy or purpose.

Employee advocacy

This is the practice of promoting an organization with the help of its own employees, often through their personal social media networks.

Employer branding

This is the process of promoting an organization’s reputation as a favorable, appealing employer that prospective employees would be excited to work for. It enables an organization to recruit and retain the top talent available in the industry.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is the process by which an organization attempts to get its employees to be enthusiastic about their work, and therefore take positive action to advance the organization's values, objectives, reputation, and success.

Equivalent paid media

This is the spend required to achieve an equivalent reach and engagement generated via unpaid media.


Gamification is a system that involves integrating game-based mechanics to incentivize participation and engagement, resulting in delight and loyalty. It can include several forms such as cumulative and redeemable points, badges, challenges, team activities, and other fun techniques.

Personal branding

Personal branding is the act of working toward building an individual’s reputation, both online and offline. It focuses on creating a way of association – often through thought leadership and career highlights – for people to recall and recognize the individual.

Social recruitment

This involves recruiting talent via social platforms – either by advertising available opportunities or by using them as databases to source appropriate profiles. It may involve browsing through individual profiles, websites, and blogs to find “best fit” candidates for an organization.

Social selling

This technique involves building relationships with customers and relevant prospects using social channels as part of the sales process. It focuses on nurturing trust to support better lead generation and accelerate the realization of sales goals.

Social selling index (SSI)

This is a measure of a salesperson’s social selling skills and associated sales execution. Generally, the higher the SSI, the higher the rise in sales success.

User-generated content (UGC)

Also known as user-created content (UCC), this is any content – in the form of text, images, videos, etc. – that is posted on digital platforms (such as social media and company websites) by users.