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According to the Aberdeen Group, 72.6% of sales executives who leverage social selling as part of the sales process outperform their peers, besides exceeding their targets 23% of the time.

Social media has become key to sales enablement. It’s in fact quickly replacing traditional sales techniques such as cold calls and e-mailing, which have been found to be far less effective in comparison. However, sales teams need quick access to timely, relevant, and pre-approved content to make the most out of social selling.

The Socxo social selling platform makes it possible for sales teams to access relevant, readily shareable content from a centralized repository at all times of the day, empowering them to portray and sustain an image of professional expertise, attract and engage prospects, and generate valid leads on social media.

Packed with market watch, lead tracking, and personal performance evaluation capabilities, Socxo helps sales teams enhance the success of their social selling activities.

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Social Selling with Socxo

Curate Sales Enablement Content

Curate Sales Enablement Content

Socxo’s channelized structure allows you to organize branded, third-party, as well as user-generated content (UGC) by social selling topic, for instance, brand discovery, closing, and client testimonials.
Track market activity, and share insight-only content with relevant (sales and marketing) teams to keep them up-to-date about industry and competitor news. Social sellers can recommend UGC as well, which will go to the admin for approval before sharing.



Gamification is a major feature of the Socxo social selling platform. Encourage some healthy, fun competition in the form of challenges, contests, pop quizzes, and polls. Award points, badges, and prizes for specific achievements, and level them up as the achievements get bigger.

Track and Measure Engagement

Track and Measure Engagement

Any social selling program worth its salt comes with measurable KPIs. Socxo’s lead tracking capabilities help you identify the leads generated by sharing activities carried out on the platform, and also trace them back to the user/ content at the origin of each lead.
Social sellers on Socxo have access to a personalized, uncluttered dashboard that displays activity logs, Social Selling Index (SSI), social media engagement metrics, and other critical parameters that need to be reviewed regularly for continued success.
Admin roles can track individual as well as team performance and measure social selling ROI via specialized dashboards.

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