Add and curate content sources
Content Content

Fuelling authentic conversations that will make reaching out to the right people, simple.

  • Add your existing social channels and new content sources, plug-in RSS feeds, and encourage your employees, customers, fans or partners to create conversations.
  • Fuel employee generated original content
  • Customise further into Internal, External and Advocate-Suggested groups.
Take charge of your content
Moderate Content

Organise, moderate, review and post approved content. Retaining control of the voice of your brand, and quality of content.

  • Create brand advocacy teams and designate roles.
  • Add, invite or remove advocates in a few simple steps
Generate reach, impressions, clicks and traffic
Amplify Reach

Content is only as good as its reach, by connecting the right people with the right content, generate in channel shares and engagement.

  • Link brand social pages to your stakeholders to share content with their network and amplify!
Reward your believers and champions
Reward employees

Build reward based tactics around your Advocates and get them talking to you, about you and for you.

  • Reward them for their efforts with leaderboard ranking, redeemable points, gift vouchers, and awards.
Track and measure
Analyse Data

Take informed decisions powered by data

  • Get a 360° view of the content you’ve pushed through the tool.
  • Tap into advocacy and engagement KPIs, track likes, shares and reach metrics and for a more bird’s eye view - get auto-generated traffic graphs and more.


Branded white-label App to drive better engagement with your Brand Advocates

Available in iOS & Android versions

The white-labeled app powers up your brand advocates with an easy to use interface. It enables them to engage with the content, recommend content, share it and get rewarded on the go.

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View and share content. Enable or disable instant share mode

View your profile and the leaderboard

View and redeem rewards

View your analytics

Curate content to be approved by admin

Bring SOCXO brand advocacy features into play.



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