Employee Advocacy In 5 Easy Steps

  • Create
  • Manage
  • Amplify
  • Reward
  • Analyse

Add Content Sources

Plug in RSS feeds, track brand social media pages and encourage your employees to create brand content relevant to their field.
  • Generate Keyword-focused Content
  • Allow Advocates to Generate Original Content Blurbs
  • Define Multiple Categories Internal / External / Advocate-Generated

Manage Content

Review, manage and approve content before publishing it to your employee advocates, who can share it further on their personal social networks and communication apps.

  • Manage Advocate-Generated Content
  • Create Advocate Teams and Define Roles
  • Invite/Delete/Block Advocates

Amplify Reach

Enable employee advocates to share brand content among friends, family and social circles from SOCXO's user-friendly Mobile App and Desktop versions.
  • Plugin Brand Social Media Pages
  • Publish Approved Content to Advocates
  • Allow Advocates to Share and Amplify content on Personal and Companies Social Media Pages

Reward Employees

Motivate your employees to get involved and stay connected with the brand by offering fun offers, rewards and prizes to be won!

  • Host Leaderboard Activities/Competitions
  • Allocate Points/Rewards
  • Manage Rewards and Coupons

Analyse Data

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns by tracking data that matters most to your company efficiently.
  • Measure KPI
  • Likes, Shares, Engagement,Reach on each Post
  • Access Detailed Graphs and Chart
  • Evaluate Earned Media Value Generated
  • View Traffic Generated

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