Employee Advocacy In 5 Easy Steps

  • Create ContentCreate
  • Manage ContentManage
  • Amplify ReachAmplify
  • Reward EmployeesReward
  • Analyse DataAnalyse

Add Content Sources

Add new content sources, plug-in RSS feeds, track social media brand pages and encourage employees to create or suggest domain-specific brand content.
  • Create keyword-rich content
  • Enable employees to create original content a.k.a blurbs
  • Customize content into categories – Internal, External and Advocate-Suggested

Screenshot for Adding  Content Sources
Screenshot for Managing Content

Manage Content

Review, moderate and manage content to ensure that only quality-checked content is made available. Once published within the platform, employee advocates can share content on their personal social media pages.

  • Moderate created or suggested content
  • Create brand advocacy teams and designate roles
  • Add, invite or remove advocates

Amplify Reach

Employee advocates can amplify your brand’s social reach by sharing company-approved content with family, friends and social connections online from SOCXO’s app-enabled Mobile and Desktop portals.
  • Link in-house social media brand pages
  • Approve and publish content for advocates to access
  • Enable employees to share brand content on their personal social media pages

Screenshot for Amplifying Reach
Screenshot for Rewarding Employees

Reward Employees

Reward your top-performing employee advocates for their brand engagement efforts with leaderboard ranking, redeemable points, gift vouchers, and awards.

  • Hold leaderboard competitions and activities
  • Designate platform-based points for various social media activities
  • Reward employee engagement

Analyse Data

Measure and track the effectiveness of your brand’s advocacy campaigns in real-time on SOCXO’s data dashboard.
  • Measure advocacy and engagement KPIs
  • Track likes, shares and reach metrics
  • Access generated traffic graphs
Screenshot for Analysing Data

Bring SOCXO brand advocacy features into play.

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