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Socxo Solutions names Ajit Narayan as CMO & Program Head

Narayan , a die-hard Relationship, Loyalty and Digital Marketing professional has spent his time on building communications, analytics solutions and strategic planning tools in his previous jobs.

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The journey of an Internet brand, from engagement to reach

For almost two years now, engagement has ceased to be a primary metric for social platforms. Facebook doesn’t talk about likes/shares now, as the currency is about reach and frequency, similar to television, follows.

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Trust to dust: Public faith in advertising is declining

Do you actually believe the ads that confront you each day on every possible social and traditional media platform? If you often find them shallow and lacking in meaning, then you're not alone.

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We are the champions, We are the Nano—Influencers

By 2020 Ad blocking is estimated to cost publishers $35 billion in revenue. That’s an ominous forecast by Edeleman in their 2017 digital trends report.

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Humanizing Social Media Algorithms to Power-up the Individual

Deciphering the latest algorithms and their impact is a daunting yet inescapable task to score on social media. More so, if you are a MarTech company or user.

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5 Ways Employee Advocacy Benefits Brands

If the current global trends on word of mouth marketing and social content advocacy are anything to go by, teams of passionate employees are probably the best marketing army that you need to tap into.

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How brands leverage consumer engagement & brand advocates

In today’s digital-driven era, consumers have gained momentum to drive forward the promotion of the brand. It’s not just about putting forth the brand's message to the consumer anymore.

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Socxo bags brand advocacy mandate for Clarion Technologies

Socxo, the Bangalore-based brand advocacy solutions provider, has won the brand advocacy mandate of Clarion Technologies, a technology solutions provider specialising in web, mobile and technology services.

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What PC’s smoking pic trolling teaches

Global film celebrity Priyanka Chopra landed in a soup after her pictures of her smoking on a yacht in Miami went viral.

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Likes removal by Instagram not ‘liked’ by influencers

GThe much expected update of the popular the social media platform Instagram has now hit social media influencers by simply hiding the likes on a photo or video post from the world.

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Advocacy marketing brings authentic qualitative traffic to brands

Socxo co-founder and CEO Sudarsan Rao talks about the benefits of advocacy marketing.

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Social media is a double-edged sword

If you create a stir, be prepared of its “doosra” as well. And that, sums up the Zomato “Food is a religion” stir.

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Whitepaper by Socxo unveils interesting insights on what sales people believe

Socxo, the Bangalore based Brand Advocacy solutions provider, has released a whitepaper which gives a direction on what Sales Folkare seeking.

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E-book: Personal Branding is More Important than Ever.

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