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Since the emergence of fake influencers, influencer marketing has taken a beating. Yet, Google searches for “influencer marketing” shot up by 325% in 2017, firmly establishing it as the most rapidly growing online customer acquisition technique of that year. This trend is only expected to continue over the next few years.

In today’s world of convenient online anonymity and mayhem, how well do your customers relate with and trust “influencers” when they’re considering buying from you? In fact, several large brands have famously fallen prey to fake influencers. Celebrity influencers don’t work much better, either, given their inherent lack of relevance for your brand.

What you need is an authentic community of real influencers – ones that may not have celebrity-scale fan followings, but are far more relatable and relevant, given their tendency to target highly focused market niches. Yes, we mean micro and nano influencers; influencers with far “stickier” follower bases that can help you execute highly effective marketing campaigns.

Socxo’s influencer marketing platform helps you build a highly relevant, engaged, and dynamic community of followers who are much easier to track. By providing relevant leads with exclusive access to the latest brand content, you boost your organic reach while also driving trust via peer-to-peer communication.

Finally, as audiences are more inclined to engage with content shared by people they know, you achieve additional brand visibility with your daily content.

Nano influencers

Why Nano-Influencers trump over Celebrities?

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Nano influencers

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Nano Influencer Marketing with Socxo

Establish Brand Trust & Authenticity

Establish Brand Trust & Authenticity

Nano-influencers offer your brand marketing an air of authenticity via real customer advocacy. Also, since they’re your genuine fans (they wouldn’t risk their followership by being associated with you if they didn’t believe in you), when they talk about you, it’s the best, most effective word of mouth marketing you could hope for.
Nano-influencers take this further still, given their even smaller, closer-knit communities.
By facilitating an exclusive yet open environment of two-way communication and trust with relevant communities, Socxo helps companies realize a much higher level of engagement than they do on social media.

Tap into New Sources of UGC

Tap into New Sources of UGC

Expand your content repository by sourcing personal customer stories and valuable insights from your influencers. Socxo allows brands to unlock new sources of UGC by inviting influencers to recommend product feedback and reviews, photos, and videos for approval by the admin. Once these have been validated, they can be shared by all the other members of the community.
As UGC is personal, it’s more authentic than branded content, and makes for much higher end-user engagement.

Co-create the Future of Your Brand

Co-create the Future of Your Brand

Socxo enables you to nurture an open, collaborative community where you can receive customer feedback first-hand, not just making for invaluable insights into customer perception about your brand but also allowing your community to play an active role in brand evolution.
In fact, you can even launch co-creation programs where you invite customers, fans, and influencers to submit ideas for future product enhancements.

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