As the holiday season is hurtling toward us, brands are gearing up for a gleeful dance. And at a time when get-togethers and reunions are high on everyone’s list of priorities, word of mouth marketing works like a charm for just about any brand.

Enter influencer marketing. Leverage it in your holiday season campaigns to stand out – and maximize customer awareness, engagement, and conversion – at a time when the marketing world is ablaze with glittering promotions, festive offers, and blink-and-miss deals.

A global 2019 report found that 30.5% of CMOs are enhancing their focus on influencers in their advertising media mix. In India alone, it’s estimated that the influencer marketing industry will reach the $5 billion mark by 2020.

But let’s face it. You can’t sell everything by plastering a Kardashian/ Jenner/ West face on it. So what do you do? Get real. Go for relevant, relatable nano-influencers.

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