Product Features Product Features

Product Features

The Socxo brand advocacy platform is designed to power up your brand’s organic reach, lead generation, and sales conversions by leveraging the social networks of your brand ambassadors – while providing an intuitive, seamless experience to users and administrators alike.

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Access/ Administrate: Securely & on the go

Access/ Administrate: Securely & on the go

Access/ Administrate: Securely & on the go

The Socxo platform is exceptionally simple to access, use, and administrate – with most activities requiring no more than a click or two. What’s more, the Advocate mobile app (a beautifully cohesive, patented white-label app) enhances convenience and engagement, while its robust security ensures guaranteed integrity of enterprise environments. Native apps are available for iOS as well as Android phones.

Add, Create, and Curate Content

Add, Create, and Curate Content

Curate the perfect blend of branded, industry, and user-generated content (UGC), for highly effective internal and external communication.

Subscribe to RSS feeds, plug in social channels, curate content, create it fresh or from scratch (no, we’re not talking about cupcakes!), organize it across themed channels for delightfully easy sharing.

Drum up content that turns heads and closes deals. Subscriptions can be updated at any time.

You can choose from our AI assisted content curation partners UpContent or Vestorly to make your process as easy as it can get.

Add, Create, and Curate Content
Gamify & Engage

Gamify & Engage

Gamify & Engage

Users win points for various activities, which can be defined by the admin based on business objectives. The Socxo platform offers an addictive, full suite of gamification features, making for incredible user engagement and retention.

These include: Leaderboards, Badges, Quizzes, Polls, Challenges, Campaigns

All features are customizable at the administrator level to target specific objectives and user groups.

Share & Interact

Share & Interact

All Socxo users can like and/ or comment on internally shared content, and/or share it externally via their own social networks, depending on the administrators’ settings. Posts may be edited prior to sharing, which may be either instant or scheduled for a specific time. The Socxo user dashboard is updated in real time to reflect the latest user activity.

Share & Interact
Set Goals, Motivate

Track & Analyze

Set Goals, Motivate

For Users:

All Socxo users are provided with a personal performance dashboard that shows them what their advocacy activities have delivered, where they stand as opposed to their peers on the platform, the badges that they have accumulated, and the points and rewards that they have racked up.

For Administrators:

Access drilled down data related to website traffic, social media reach, content performance, user engagement, and lead generation.

Branded Mobile Application

Socxo is a branded white-label application that drives better engagement with your brand advocates.

Available in iOS & Android versions, it empowers your brand advocates with an easy-to-use interface that enables them to engage with your content, share it, recommend new content, and get rewarded on the go.

View and share content. Enable or disable instant share mode

View your profile and the leaderboard

View and redeem rewards

View your analytics

Curate content to be approved by admin

Key Features

  • Automated content fetching – branded + external
  • Content curation through UpContent or Vestorly
  • User-generated content
  • Filtering by content category
  • Favorites tab for deferred reading
  • Content planning, curation, sharing
  • Employee directory
  • Advanced employee advocacy support (single-click sharing, post scheduling, recent activity tracking, customized content curation, views and access notifications, lead tracking, etc.)
  • Point and rank tracking & analysis
  • Pan-organizational internal and external content management
  • Content suggestion + approval tracking
  • Content moderation
  • Advanced gamification: leaderboards, challenges, campaigns, polls, badges, rewards, etc.
  • Rewards management (budgets, required activity, etc.)
  • Responsive app design for mobile/ desktop usage
  • Quick and easy communication with employees/ groups
  • User group management (content and user segmentation)
  • Multi-geography/multi-subsidiary support
  • Multiple time zone management
  • Group segmentation, content performance, and engagement analytics
  • Personal performance dashboards