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Employer Branding

Socxo helps you be the kind of brand that everyone wants to work for.

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A recent study covering just over 4,600 employees has found that over 50% of them use Glassdoor at some point during their job search.

You may have an awesome product, the right target audience, and a fantastic business plan. But you know what? None of it will hold water if you don’t have the right people in place to execute your plan. The point is, you need to be visible from a corporate culture point of view to attract the right talent.

So what exactly are prospective employees looking for? Attracting talented employees today is about a whole lot more than just a great pay, a pool table in the game den, and bean bag takeaways. It’s much more about them “clicking” with your brand’s vision, ethics, and beliefs.

Your employees are the best people to share your brand’s ethos. They know your company better than practically anyone else, and they’re also connected to other people with similar interests and profiles – people who could in all probability be your next job candidates.

Socxo helps you amplify the culture of the company, job opportunities and employer-branded content, thus boosting your employer brand. Our platform helps you differentiate employee experience and stand out in the marketplace to compete effectively for talent – and to engage, empower, and retain it once you’ve attracted it.

Social Selling

Everything You Need To Know About Employer Branding

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Employer Branding with Socxo

Power up Recruitment Efforts

Power up Recruitment Efforts

Socxo enables you to gather all your recruitment communication on a single platform, where you can organize it into themed channels. Employees can then share the communication on their own social media networks.
Drive peer-led recruitment and employee referrals by engaging your employees and motivating them to be your best employer brand advocates.



Launch campaigns, contests, and challenges as well as employer branded content around job descriptions to drive engagement around the latest recruitment opportunities and nurture a strong team spirit among your employees.

Track and Measure Engagement

Track and Measure Engagement

Socxo’s analytics allow you to track and monitor user activity, as well as the engagement generated on social media as a result of these activities.
The platform also enables you to analyze the website traffic and recruitment leads generated by employees’ sharing activities.

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