A five point plan to building your very own Employee Advocacy Program while increasing organic reach.

A 28 page detailed planning approach to creating your very own Employee Advocacy Program.

Encourage Employee Advocacy

People are your brands biggest assets

Contrary to popular belief, an organization’s biggest assets are not its products, services or the several brands it owns, but in fact its people, which includes employees, stakeholders, partners and customers.

When employees take initiative to promote their company, they transform into employee advocates.

The act of promoting an organization through employees is known as employee advocacy, wherein they share company news, events, updates and other exciting content on their personal social media pages.

Here's what you learn

1. Onboard

  • Set Goals
  • Identify Socially Active Employees
  • Pick an Advocacy Champion
  • Brand Your Advocacy Program

2. Communicate

  • Create a content strategy
  • Impart training
  • Prepare a communication plan

3. Gamify

  • Rewards and recognition

4. Launch

  • How do you launch your program

5. Analyze

  • Measure your results
Social Employee Advocacy

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