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Socxo leverages the potent power of word of mouth marketing via your most loyal customers.

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77% of all purchases are made as a result of personal recommendations.

In today’s consumer-driven world, customer advocacy is becoming critical to sustained brand competitiveness. The best part? It’s free, and works better than any paid advertising effort.

Happy customers are the best believers your brand could possibly ask for. What’s more, they want to see you grow. Investing in customer advocacy therefore is no longer optional. It’s your best strategy to build and nurture brand authenticity and trust.

But are you equipping them with the right tools to spread the word about you? Give your customers the opportunity they’d love to have to voice their beliefs. Amp up brand trust via authentic brand conversations.

Socxo helps you harness the love of your most loyal customers (and their social networks) to maximize the growth potential of your brand. Use our platform to share your inside stories, execute fun competitions and campaigns, dish out interesting industry/ product news and insights, and encourage reviews – all the while driving customer engagement and retention.

Socxo encourages your most delighted customers to do what they most naturally already do – spread the word about your awesomeness. It also inspires them to share their experiences, leading to user-generated content (UGC) and amplified organic reach. Our unbelievably user-friendly platform ensures sustained customer engagement, thus fostering the growth of close-knit, like-mindedly loyal communities that spread the love.

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This blog answers all these questions and more.

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Customer Advocacy with Socxo

Identify, Invite, Build

Identify, Invite, Build

The first step is to identify who’ll be a part of your customer advocacy program. Start with the low-hanging fruit – customers who’ve already expressed their pleasure at your service. You could either go with Net Promoter Scores (NPS), or then check with account managers and sales teams for clients who display high usage/ offer positive feedback. Remember to show them value before asking them to help you sell. A sneak preview to a new product/ version release, a free service – the smallest of gestures could make them happy.

Engage, Enable Customer-generated Content (CGC)

Engage, Enable Customer-generated Content (CGC)

Share relevant, interesting content. Start discussions. Also encourage sharing of experiences and user reviews – Socxo’s customer advocacy platform helps you leverage the invaluable social content of happy customers to alleviate the consumer fear and anxiety that typically stall deals, and instead generate highly relevant, “warm” leads.
Keep in mind that you have to tap into communication that comes back as well. All conversations should be two-way dialogs, with lines of communication kept open – even if there’s negative content. Listen carefully to what they have to say, respond politely to every post. And don’t forget to convey feedback to the product development team to allow for future enhancement. The idea is to foster personalized, long-term relationships at scale. And the best part yet? You’ll end up discovering upselling and cross-selling opportunities that you had no idea even existed.

Gamify, power up loyalty

Gamify, power up loyalty

Add some fun. Gamify the whole experience to boost engagement as well as results. Recognize and reward activities and achievements with points, badges, giveaways, and exiting prizes. Set up a leaderboard to encourage healthy competition (and spark a heated race to your goals). This also creates a sustainable loop where customers keep checking back on the program for updates and progress. Check out Socxo’s bevy of engaging gamification features that foster fun & friendly competition, while keeping members coming back for more.
Don’t forget to change or amend your goals – and inform your customers! – as your business objectives change.

Analyze, Adjust & Repeat

Analyze, Adjust & Repeat

Link Google analytics accounts, track sharing activity-generated website traffic, get conversion analytics, manage points and notifications, measure results.
Tweak goals, inform customers, repeat.

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