Being Human: Marketing & Social Selling
in a Digital World

Each person is unique, with challenges and pain points they wish to overcome in their personal or professional life - or both.

As we move into a world that is becoming even more digital as the days go by, we’re finding that some traditional marketing approaches are no longer fit for purpose.

From my experience as a marketer of 15 years, this book is designed to help you overcome the challenges that face us as human beings in the digital world we now live in.

Writing from my perspective, I will share my approach for human-to-human interaction in a professional setting; from social selling to account-based marketing to crafting compelling content and navigating social media channels to optimise their output to benefit you and your business. Everything is based upon results - it’s all tried and tested, and has led to healthy pipelines and return on investment in the millions.

This book isn’t just for fellow marketers and sales professionals. It’s for anyone who wants to cut through the noise and have a true relationship with their audience.

I hope it brings value and insight into your world.

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Sudhir Kumar
Marketing Director,
Origin Growth United Kingdom

Sudhir Kumar is a Director & Master Growth Architect at Origin Growth, a boutique growth marketing agency in Royal Leamington Spa. Having worked in sales and marketing for over 15 years, Sud has a passion for making a scalable difference in an organisation’s sales - and has the statistics to prove it.