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Your employees, customers and followers are your prime source for word of mouth publicity

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Power up Your Brand Advocacy with SoCXO

Create compelling social posts

  • Curate relevant and interesting content that your people would love to share
  • Review and manage content suggestions from your ambassadors

Simplify social sharing

  • Encourage your people to voice their personal opinions and add a human touch to your brand story
  • Inspire social sharing of company approved content via personal networks
  • Instant sharing and message scheduling from any device

Measure ROI

  • Measure the earned media value
  • Track social reach and engagement
  • Monitor website traffic generated and goals achieved


Brand Advocacy Powers

Positive WoM

Popularize your Brand

Social Selling

Be the business people love

Brand Amplification

Be seen. Be heard


Community Enablement

Nurture creative discussions

Social Engagement

Nurture meaningful relations

Brand Loyalty

Foster long term engagements


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