Connecting right people with relevant content on right channels


Relevant Content

Leverage your existing marketing assets or curate and customize relevant content for your brand advocates.


Right People

Reach out and connect with your prospects through your employees, customers, partners and other brand advocates.


Right Channels

Amplify your message over your brand advocates’ social networks for optimum reach and engagement.



Improve Reach and Engagement

Achieve online reach and engagement like never before. From driving website traffic to improving the branding, stay on top of your social marketing game.



Magnify your

Peer recommendations are more credible and convincing. Leverage the personal networks of your employees, investors, partners and customers to amplify your brand reach. Transform your entire organization into a powerful marketing team by enabling them to share company approved content.

Power up your

Generate high quality leads from personal networks of your people by sharing targeted content. From industry analysts to employees to customers, empower people valuable to your brand to be influencers by sharing personalized and company approved content.

Socialize your talent sourcing

Personal networks of your employees are great source of finding great talent. Enable your employees to share content on your work culture and values to help build your employer brand and discover amazing talent you could have otherwise missed.