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  • Transform your employees, customers and brand followers into your social media ambassadors

  • Make branded content sharing easy and rewarding with the all-in-one advocate marketing platform

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Empower your advocates

Your trusted relations are your prime source of word of mouth publicity. Empower them to be your story tellers.

Dave McField


Dave McField
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Been with you for 7 years, Klout Score 51

Jay Raymond


Jay Raymond
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Avid Blogger, 24K followers on Twitter

Sasha Steine


Sasha Steine
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Industry Expert, Best Selling Author

Roy Desmond


Roy Desmond
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Power up Your Brand Advocacy with SoCXO

Create compelling social posts

  • Deliver content your ambassadors crave
  • Review ambassador suggested content
  • Engage with diverse content formats

Simplify social sharing

  • Personalize with ambassador commenting
  • Instant sharing from any device
  • Reward your ambassadors

Measure ROI

  • Measure the earned media value
  • Track social reach and engagement
  • Monitor website traffic generated and goals achieved

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