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Employee Advocacy Creates Authentic Brands

How Employee Advocacy Creates Authentic Brands

Creating a culture of employee advocacy is a must for brands to maintain their public perception and survive the digital competition of staying relevant. A formal employee advocacy program is vital for putting a...
Brand Advocacy

How To Build A Thriving Community For Brand Advocacy?

Acquiring & retaining a loyal community for brand advocacy is indispensable to a business for sustaining its digital presence and reputation. Much like the consumer community, B2B marketers are increasingly placing their buying decision...
Successful Advocacy Program

What Makes A Successful Advocacy Marketing Program?

Advocacy Marketing has carved a unique identity as a powerful marketing strategy of the digital era. By unleashing it, brands can encourage & actively engage their stakeholders to provide third-party validation and positive relevance...
Advocacy Vs. Paid Marketing

Why Brands Should Prefer Advocacy Marketing Over Paid Marketing

Most businesses & brands consider paid marketing as one of the promising strategies to garner greater visibility & reach. Attracting instant traffic to websites, enabling complete control on the content management as well as...
Boost Brand Values

How Advocacy Marketing Can Save Brands From The FAKE NEWS Crisis

Advocacy marketing has evolved as one of the go-to marketing strategies of the digital age. Enabling employees, customers, and partners with a voice & amplifying it to refurbish the way a brand is perceived...