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Customer Advocacy

Advocacy Marketing, Brand Advocacy

Customer Advocacy: Your Ace for Marketing Success.

In today’s supercharged market conditions, anything short of amazing customer focus is simply not good enough. Delighted customers are the...

Employer Branding

Employer Branding

How to get your Employer Branding to stand out in the madding crowd. Part Deux.

In the previous part, published as a Linkedin Article, I wrote about how your employer brand could be in serious...

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Customer Advocacy for buzz

Advocacy Marketing, Customer Advocacy

Psst! How about some Customer Advocacy?

Word of mouth marketing. Considered as one of the best and buzziest ways to get noticed and even bought, it is...

Myths vs reality

Employee Advocacy, Employee Engagement

Six myths, stopping you from unleashing the full power of Employee Advocacy.

Internal Communications – Employee Engagement – Employee Advocacy. Inter-related phrases but surrounded by myths. Dispel the myths and get to...

Micro Influencers

Brand Advocacy, Customer Advocacy

How to Leverage Customers as Micro Influencers.

When customers speak about your brand. They endorse you for the experiences they’ve had with you. However big or small....