Revolutionizing Content Discovery for Advocacy

The best way to develop an active community is through a blend of original and external content. Currently, the average employee wastes 1 day per week looking for great third-party articles–leaving little time to do what actually matters: reading, reflecting, and sharing the content. Whether your current process is a series of search queries, a list of your favourite news sites, or a collection of RSS feeds, you and your employees are wasting time hunting that could be spent engaging.

Serving individuals in over 1,500 cities around the globe, UpContent is the only active content discovery technology that uncovers the best news and blog articles based upon your specific criteria.

With UpContent’s proprietary methods you will experience:

  • 46% more sources than the standard news search engine.
  • Scoring algorithms that objectively define an article’s direct influence and your audience’s interest in the content shared.
  • A nuanced topic creation interface to bring only the best articles to the top of your list, and
  • A machine-learning article classifier to remove the “noise” found in traditional content searches, thus limiting endless scrolling.

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