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Plan, Pricing & Payment FAQs

We have tried to answer most of your queries around our Subscription Plan, Pricing model & Payment methods.

If you find something missing or for more details or clarifications, feel free to mail us at or to your Account Manager.

What is CPS (Cost Per Share) or Pay Per Content Share?

SOCXO charges you only if a Content is Shared by a User from SOCXO platform into their personal social network or onto their communication apps. Which means you can bring all your Users (Unlimited) onto the SOCXO platform and pay only for the performance or the activity of sharing a content, which is your key objective.

Example: If a User shares a content on his / her Facebook account, it is counted as One Share of Content. If the user shares again the same content to his / her Twitter account, it is counted as another Content Share.

What is the mode & method of payment?

All plans are pre-paid in nature and have to be paid upfront in full.

SOCXO currently does not offer online payment options. We accept bank transfers.

Reach out to us for details.

What is the Validity of the Content Share Plans?

All Plans are valid until the content shares are used / consumed or within a period of 12 months, whichever is earlier.

Can we cancel, upgrade or downgrade the Plans?

Cancellation Plans cannot be cancelled once purchased and no refund will be offered for unused plans.

Plan Upgrade Plans can be modified by upgrading to a higher plan anytime during the subscription. Once upgraded, the new plan will come into place. Unused shares of earlier plan will be added to the new plan.

Plan Downgrade Plans cannot be downgraded during the current plan usage. On completion of the current plan, you can purchase a lower plan.

Do you offer a Trial or Demo of the Product before Purchase?

Yes, we are glad to walk you through a DEMO of the platform and set up a 14-day FREE TRIAL for you to explore & decide on how best you can activate your Brand Advocate and how to use the platform,

- To connect Content Sources – Your Company FB, LinkedIn, Twitter Pages, RSS Feeds etc

- Moderate & Publish Content to your Brand Advocates–employees, partners, fans, customers

- Invite & manage Users, Set up Rewards & Redemptions

- View Dashboard reports & detailed analytics

What Program Support does SOCXO offer beyond just the Platform?

While the Platform access & a Content Share Plan is a basic need to use the product, we are glad to help you structure and guide you on the Advocacy Program for your Brand.
Every Brand has its own objective defined in an Advocacy Program:

- Brand Communication & Marketing

- Campaigns & Content Amplification

- Employee Branding & Employee Engagement

- Social Selling & Hiring

- Brand Visibility & Awareness

- Traffic & Lead Generation

- Earned Media Value & Content Value

- Many more such objectives

What is a IGNITE Content Share Plan?

If you are new to Advocacy Marketing and wish to start and experiment this evolving Content Marketing Model, we advise you to use the IGNITE Content Share Plan.

Feel free to reach out to us, we will understand your business, marketing objectives and offer a plan which suits your immediate needs at an attractive price.

What is BOOST Content Share Plan?

You need BOOST to scale the Advocacy Marketing Program to get more Earned Media Value and drive Content Amplification on a larger scale with more Users, Content & Channels.

If you are a team of expert Advocacy Marketers who have seen the value of Advocacy Marketing, the only you need to do is to BOOST your Content by choosing one of the plans.

What is ORBIT Content Share Plan?

If you are leading Brand Advocacy Marketers, there is nothing stopping you in maximizing the value your Brand has achieved through Advocacy Marketing.
Reach out to us to structure a fantastic volume and value driven pricing plan to suit your needs.

What are the Value Added Applications & Features Offered by SOCXO

SOCXO will bring interesting & useful value added applications & features which will augment your Content Advocacy execution.

SOCXO – Add-on Apps & Features - Mobile App – this is a key ingredient to keep your Brand Advocates connected to your Brand Content
New Features – we will announce new features as we make them available on the platform

Partner Apps & Features

UpContent – Our partner UpContent takes away the headache of searching & discovering content spoken about your Brand or its Stakeholders.
Just set up your Brand Keywords using UpContent as a Content Source in the app, we will automatically fetch the ‘most relevant & recent’ content right into the platform for you to moderate & publish it to your Users.
Use Upcontent to discover your brand content, analyse your competitors content, listening what is spoken or written about your Brand on the Web across News sites, Blog sites and other websites.

Click to know more about UpContent & Pricing

Does SOCXO offer Branded Mobile Apps?

Existing SOCXO generic / common Mobile apps for iOS & Android are FREE.

However, Branded mobile applications are offered by SOCXO at additional cost & subject to approvals by respective iOS & Android app store.
Android & iOS apps will have to be hosted on your respective Company Android store and provide access to our engineers to manage and update the app periodically. The set up and cost of the app store should be borne by you directly.

For reasons beyond our control, if the Branded Apps are not approved by the Appstore, you can continue to use our FREE SOCXO generic mobile apps.

Why do we pay for Content Shares and not for Users? Can we have Unlimited Users on SOCXO?

We believe that your intent of using SOCXO is to drive your employees / associates to amplify and share your Brand Content into their personal social networks.

Hence, you are paying only for an activity (content sharing) by your User, which gives you better content marketing performance & ROI metrics.

We want SOCXO to be a highly engaging platform & a vibrant employee ecosystem for your enterprise.

Why we don’t charge a User based fee?

If we charge you per User, you may end up paying for Users who are just registered on the platform or may be just reading / consuming content but not sharing it (the real intent).
We thought you should not pay us just to have your Users on our platform.

Hence, we want you to bring all your Users (Unlimited) on this platform and drive the key function of Brand engagement & amplification

Does CPS (Cost Per Share) reduce if I buy higher Content Share Plans?

Yes, CPS (Cost Per Share) decreases as you buy higher Content Shares plan or upgrade your Subscription from larger package of Annual plans.
We motivate you by reducing cost per share while your activity and usage on the platform increases. Pay less for more use is our motto.

How do I calculate or decide how much Content Shares I should buy?

We provide you a Calculator to help you decide on the Content Shares plan based on the number of Advocates (Users) on the platform, expected Content Shares per day etc

How to buy a Content Shares Plan and is it Recurring in nature?

Content Share plans are pre-paid and valid for 12 months or if consumed earlier.

Reach out to our sales team on advocacy(at) or Login to your Admin Portal to request / buy any Content Shares plan of your choice. The plans are recurring in nature to allow continued use of the platform.

All plans are activated with payment upfront at the start of the subscription.

Do you allow carry forward of un-used Shares to the next Plan

Carry forward of un-used Shares is subject to terms and conditions. Reach out to us to get details.

When does my Plan Subscription billing cycle start?

Your Plan Subscription billing cycle starts on the agreed date of start of the subscription or on the date of the Invoice which ever is earlier.

How do I pay for Content Shares Plan?

Once you Login to your Admin Portal and order a Plan of your choice, we will send you an Invoice with payment instructions.

Currently, we accept Online Bank Transfers & in some cases Cheques.

We will be introducing Online Payments soon for payment through Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Net Banking.

Until then, our Sales & Account Managers will service you on invoices, payment process, recurring billings, subscription renewals etc.

Do you accept Credit Cards for Recurring Payments?

We will be introducing Online Payments soon for payment through Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Net Banking.

Once we offer it, you can set your Credit Card for recurring billing & payment for your Subscriptions

Can I carry forward or get refund on Unused Content Shares?

We have planned & priced it so well that we do not offer refund or allow carry forward of Unused shares to subsequent Plans.

We are confident you will consume all the Shares, if you create or discover cool content which will drive your Advocates (Users) to share them to their personal networks. We can help you in achieving that objective.

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