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It is the best of times;
It is the worst of times.

In times of crisis, we question our beliefs and what we trust. In people, in institutions, in governments. These are times when, more than ever, businesses need to build trust – perhaps at the cost of anything else. Scroll down to read more…

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Build Trust. It shows your brands
resilience in times of crisis.

When tough times present themselves, the ones who focus on building trust and being helpful, shine the light on the way forward.

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These are testing times for your brands resilience.

Businesses, industries, markets, and economies are complex structures. The stronger their foundations, the higher the chances of them withstanding the havoc wreaked by times such as these. Now's a great time to spend relooking at your base, testing your pillars, and bulking up your business immunity.

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Inspiration and help is what your workforce needs to keep the momentum going.

Strong leaders will innately motivate, connect, and inspire their teams. Now is the time to show genuine compassion and humility. It's time to focus on the things that matter - starting first with your people.

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Presenting the Internal communications Challenge.

The coronavirus crisis has brought home resoundingly one timeless truth – timely, effective, and accurate (in terms of message as well as target) communication is critical to prevent, manage, and overcome issues. However big or small. Start at home – in this case, your business.

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A good Internal communications framework is the secret sauce to keep it going.

Communicating right can be a challenge in the best of times. During a crisis, if you don't know the right stuff to say, it's better not to say it, or better still, to learn what to say – and how. Presenting your IC Lifeboat. It’s a free download.

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Empathy. Everyone’s been using this word. But to business it means Employee Safety.

The coronavirus has taught us to have renewed respect for the OCDs we snickered at all along. And in fact, to try and emulate them. Your responsibility as a business? To share hygiene knowledge with your community. How do you do that without putting them to sleep? With a few tricks up your sleeve.

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Business and economic implications cannot be brushed off. Be prepared to evolve.

Recovery is an evolving perspective. While there are no steadfast rules governing how you go about it post Covid, if there’s one thing you need to keep in mind. It’s being open to evolve and change. No one knows exactly what’s to be done. Everyone has theories. But be prepared to adapt, improvise and overcome.

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The preparation.

Throw all pre-conceived notions out the window. Unlearn everything you think you know. You've never been here before, and hopefully you never will again. So, don't even think about going the "tried and tested" way. This isn't a situation that's changing for a while, so don't expect it to behave like your earlier normal. Forge your plans around your present reality.

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Sales and Marketing Approach Shifting During a Crisis? Advocacy can prove to be the winning card.

Growth during the new normal is unlike anything you would've imagined. Which means you need to rally in all your trump cards to achieve it – and accelerate it. And the best ones are where you never thought to look before.

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How business and brands are rising up to the coronavirus crisis

Perhaps the best lesson the coronavirus taught us is that we're not alone. Never before have we relied more on people for our survival. And it's a wonderful change, looking beyond our habitual self-centeredness and doing our bit – in whatever capacity – to help rebuild our community. It's awesome to see how we're all realizing that we're in it together.

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9 Future Predictions For A Post-Coronavirus World

And from the ashes, we will rise. It may have been the worst of times, but it's definitely making way for the best of times – even as we speak. A future that will remember the past for years to come, but will shine bright and strong from an action set right, a habit learned right, a life lived right.

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