Three Employee Engagement Activities That You Can Start Doing Now

Three Employee Engagement Activities That You Can Start Doing Now

Three Employee Engagement Activities

How engaged are your employees? Are you looking for more employee engagement activities to get them engaged? Well before planning activities and crunching numbers, realise that employee engagement is a mindset. Your employees are real people, with ideas, ambitions, challenges and accomplishments. This isn’t just limited to the workplace, but also outside of it. They are not a means to making more money and expanding your business, rather they are a valuable and prized resource that needs to be nurtured, cared for and understood in order for them to do the best they can as workers. So use this concept and understanding to plan activities to keep your employees engaged.

Now at Socxo, we are blessed with a highly engaged workforce, so we thought of sharing 3 top activities that you can start doing now to get your take employee engagement to the next level in your organisation.

  •  Give them inside information

Build trust with your employees by sharing inside information with them. Show them your financial statement on a regular basis and explain to them how their efforts have directly contributed to the company’s current position, thereby giving them joint responsibility for the company’s fortunes. Be completely transparent with them and give them strategic insights into how the company is managed. The Quantum Workplace 2015 Employee Engagement Trends Report found that transparency and trust were top employee engagement drivers, such as trusting the leaders of an organisation to set the right course and trusting senior leadership teams to lead the company to future success.

  •    Create learning opportunities

Employees love to learn and develop their skills, so create learning opportunities where skills can be developed that are pertinent and of interest to each team. This could include conferences, expeditions, arranging outside speakers or even a company wide internal training program from one department to another. Not only will employees be more engaged but it will also result in a more skilled workforce!

  •   Create an internal mentorship program

A great way to keep employees happy and engaged is by sharing knowledge and information among each other. Pair inexperienced employees with long-standing, matured ones. Then create a learning program framework that allows for an exchange of knowledge but at the same time, gives them enough space to test what they learn. Give them objectives and leave it to them to accomplish these. Watch your employees grow more skilled and engaged!

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