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Brand Advocacy Pitfalls to Avoid

Five Brand Advocacy Landmines and How to Avoid Them

What drives employees to be engaged with the brand? What makes some folk get the bigger picture while many don’t? And that, is one of the major focus areas of marketing within the organisation...
Advocacy Program Strategy

Advocacy Program Strategy: How to build one that delivers.

Word-of-mouth has for long been among the most powerful marketing tools in existence. When your customers, employees, and fans promote your brand, potential customers in their networks receive first-hand recommendations from real people –...
Customer Relationship

Your consumers are listening one step ahead of your marketing game.

Call it a colossal Orwellian backfire! Just when everyone is talking about consumers being the products in social media. The game is being played elsewhere. In their personal networks. Why should I talk to...
Current Challenges of Social Engagement Brand Advocacy

Current Challenges of Social Engagement Brand Advocacy

Brand advocacy programs involve a marketing strategy where employees and associates spread favorable word-of-mouth about the brand. It involves proactively engaging employees to promote an organization in their personal network. They become the brand...