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Amplify Your Social Reach With Brand Advocacy

It’s the age of brand advocacy, and business leaders all over the world have acknowledged that having a bunch of invested advocates is the best marketing arsenal that an organization can possess! Employees, partners,...
Simplifying Advocacy Marketing

Simplifying Advocacy Marketing

The end goal of any marketing strategy is to forge deep and meaningful connections with your customer base and what could be a better way to do so than harnessing the latent power of...
Advocacy Marketing Affects

How Advocacy Marketing Affects Paid Vs Earned Media

Advocacy is the new buzzword in the marketing world! Researchers, marketers, business strategists, and advertisers are all pitching forward the concept of advocacy marketing as a tool that can completely revolutionize your bottom line...
Brands should invest in advocacy marketing

4 Compelling Reasons Why Brands Should Invest in Advocacy Marketing

What is advocacy marketing and the reasons to invest in it? Advocacy marketing focuses on getting your current employees, influencers, customers and partners to share their positive experiences with your company to other people...