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Employee Social Media Advocacy

Do’s and Don’ts of Employee Social Media Advocacy

Before setting up a formal employee advocacy platform and program, organizations must define the goals they aim to achieve. These must be a combination of short and long-term goals that align with the marketing...
Successful Advocacy Program

What Makes A Successful Advocacy Marketing Program?

Advocacy Marketing has carved a unique identity as a powerful marketing strategy of the digital era. By unleashing it, brands can encourage & actively engage their stakeholders to provide third-party validation and positive relevance...
Advocacy Vs. Paid Marketing

Why Brands Should Prefer Advocacy Marketing Over Paid Marketing

Most businesses & brands consider paid marketing as one of the promising strategies to garner greater visibility & reach. Attracting instant traffic to websites, enabling complete control on the content management as well as...
Boost Brand Values

How Advocacy Marketing Can Save Brands From The FAKE NEWS Crisis

Advocacy marketing has evolved as one of the go-to marketing strategies of the digital age. Enabling employees, customers, and partners with a voice & amplifying it to refurbish the way a brand is perceived...
Band Content Marketing Strategy

Advocacy Marketing Is All About Content Marketing

Including employees, customers and partners in co-creating brand communication and amplifying its reach & engagement has redefined advocacy marketing as the go-to marketing strategy of the recent times. Mention it advocacy marketing, brand advocacy...