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5 Tips to Improve Your Advocacy Marketing Efforts

Here is a presentation on 5 tips to improve your advocacy marketing efforts. Advocacy Marketing is the best thing that could ever happen to your business; there is no doubt about that! But it...

5 Key Steps to Building an Advocacy Marketing Program

Here is a presentation on 5 key steps to building an advocacy marketing program. Today, social media opens up a new world of advocacy opportunities to tap and motivate important marketing assets- Employees, Customers...

5 Important Goals for Using Advocacy Marketing

Here is a presentation on 5 important goals for using advocacy marketing. Advocacy marketing harnesses the power of your employees, customers and partners to transform them into trusted brand advocates.

4 Guidelines to Measure Your Brand Advocacy Success

You know it, and we know it – a basic tenet of any marketing campaign is that it needs a way to measure its success. However, each campaign is different and so unfortunately there’s...

How Advocacy Benefits Your Entire Organization?

Here is a presentation on how advocacy benefits your entire organization? Advocacy Marketing is an excellent investment if you want to increase your brand advocate base and maximise the reach of your marketing efforts....