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Drive ROI

How Advocacy Marketing Can Drive ROI for Marketing Campaigns

Advocates are a company’s best salespersons! There’s no doubt that advocacy marketing can transform the way you pitch your brand out in a world that is bombarded by digital content. Having your brand promoted...
Advocacy Marketing Stats

Five Stats about Advocacy Marketing

Advocacy Marketing is the best form of marketing at the moment and looks like it will be the preferred form of marketing for years to come. We are not just saying it! Here are...
Advocacy Planning

4 Compelling Reasons Why Brands Should Invest in Advocacy Marketing

We here at team SOCXO love advocacy marketing. In fact, that’s why we’ve worked so hard to bring you the social advocacy marketing platform that can transform your employees, customers and partners into trusted...
Advocacy Marketing Efforts

5 Tips to Improve Your Advocacy Marketing Efforts

Advocacy Marketing is the best thing that could ever happen to your business; there is no doubt about that! But it isn’t enough to set the ball rolling. Advocacy Marketing, like any other form...