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Advocacy Marketing Stats

Five Stats about Advocacy Marketing

Advocacy Marketing is the best form of marketing at the moment and looks like it will be the preferred form of marketing for years to come. We are not just saying it! Here are...
Employee Advocacy

Encouraging Employee Advocacy – Is Gamification the answer?

To gamify or not to gamify is the question. By now, there is no doubt on anyone’s mind that employee advocacy plays a key role in boosting brand visibility. As reiterated by the 2016...
Advocacy Marketing Investment

Why Brands need to Invest in Advocacy Marketing?

Here is a presentation on why brands need to invest in advocacy marketing? Advocacy Marketing is an excellent investment if you want to increase your brand advocate base and maximise the reach of your...
what is advocacy marketing

What is Advocacy Marketing?

Here is a presentation on what is advocacy marketing? Advocacy marketing has become a digital word of mouth marketing today. It harnesses the power of your employees, customers and partners to transform them into...
Word Of Mouth

What are the Different Components of Advocacy?

Here is a presentation on what are the different components of advocacy? The advocates spread positive word-of-mouth recommendation about your company brand and performance. Some of the most popular components of advocacy are: