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Advocacy Marketing

Advocacy Marketing For Organic Traffic

Boost Organic Traffic with Advocacy Marketing

Organic traffic has been dwindling and there is no guarantee that a brand’s social media posts will receive the desired attention. Smaller and lesser-known brands have an even harder time being featured and noticed...
Successful Advocacy Program

What Makes A Successful Advocacy Marketing Program?

Advocacy Marketing has carved a unique identity as a powerful marketing strategy of the digital era. By unleashing it, brands can encourage & actively engage their stakeholders to provide third-party validation and positive relevance...
Advocacy Marketing Benefits

What Is in It for End Users in an Advocacy Marketing Platform?

Although organizations reap business benefits through advocacy marketing, how does it help the ones using the platform on a day-to-day basis? How does it empower the end users such as the employee advocates, who...
Band Content Marketing Strategy

Advocacy Marketing Is All About Content Marketing

Including employees, customers and partners in co-creating brand communication and amplifying its reach & engagement has redefined advocacy marketing as the go-to marketing strategy of the recent times. Mention it advocacy marketing, brand advocacy...
Social Media Advocacy

Why Social Media Advocacy Is The New Black

When a brand’s employees or customers share the brand content with their personal social connections, they are advocating for the brand. In simpler terms they are contributing for social media advocacy. Rather than the...