Personal branding to top-notch brand advocacy – how to connect the dots

Personal Branding To Top-Notch Brand Advocacy – How To Connect The Dots

Personal Branding To Top-Notch Brand Advocacy – How To Connect The Dots

A conversation with Mike Ambassador Bruny

Most brand managers agree that a group of employees with excellent personal brands could act as a catalyst in propelling a company’s brand name. But how can one find employees with first-rate personal brands? Even if you find them, how can you make them advocate your brand on social media?

In this episode of AdvocacyCAST, Rodger Johnson talks to Mike Ambassador Bruny, the eminent personal branding expert, on the importance of personal branding to a corporate, how you can find employees with good personal brands, and finally, how you can make them talk about your brand to their networks.

More about the guest

Mike Ambassador Bruny has considerable experience in helping working professionals build their own brand, so that, they can have more impact, connections and opportunities. While working for Intel, Mike helped create the community strategy for their employee brand ambassador program. Also a certified life coach and a professional speaker, Mike teaches conference participants how to transfer online contacts to powerful offline relationships.

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