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Brand Advocacy

Advocacy Marketing, Brand Advocacy

Brand Advocacy as a marketing channel to power-up your digital marketing.

The digital mediascape is a perfect launch pad to collaborate as a brand. And, who better to work with, than...

Brand Advocacy, Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy vs Brand Advocacy are they one and the same?

Is brand advocacy similar to employee advocacy? It is perhaps, the most critical question every organization encounters while formulating an...

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Social Media Brand Advocacy

#SocialForGood: How can NGOs leverage social media to create greater impact.

#SocialForGood was trending just sometime back. With A-listers like Priyanka Chopra, Isshan Khatter, Imtiaz Ali on the panel, it’s not...

Brand Advocacy, Social Media Brand Advocacy

Mantra to dressing up your follower’s timelines: Get different.

  What is that you consume on a daily basis but it doesn’t show on you? Content! Web content, to...

Startup Success

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A secret sauce to power up your Startup success.

How to power up your Personal Branding SOCXO Leonard Kim was homeless at the end of 2010! Leonard Kim was...

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