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Social Media Brand Advocacy

Advocacy Marketing, Social Media Brand Advocacy

Combating PR with Social Advocacy

Public Relations (PR) is all about reputation – the result of what you do, what you say and what others...

Personal Branding

Employer Branding, Personal Branding

The Importance of Visual Appeal and Branding

Visual appeal has evolved into a major marketing selling point over the years. The rise of personal branding symbolizes this...

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Social Media Platforms

Employee Advocacy, Social Media Brand Advocacy

Social Media Novice-to-Pro in 6 Easy Steps

Back in 2010, when Jeanne Meister wrote her book ‘The 2020 Workplace’, she made a prediction which some people considered...

Social Media Advocacy

Advocacy Program

The Role of Social Media Advocacy in Chennai Floods

It was heart-breaking as the Chennai floods devastated homes and tore the city. Horace Mann said, “To pity distress is...

Employee Advocacy

Ring in Xmas Sales and Cheer with Employee Advocacy on Social Media

Christmas, the season to be jolly for shoppers and consequently for retailers, is here. Shopping for Christmas has migrated from...