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Advocacy Marketing Goals


5 Important Goals for Using Advocacy Marketing

Here is a presentation on 5 important goals for using advocacy marketing. Advocacy marketing harnesses the power of your employees,...

Employee Brand Advocacy

White Papers

The Role of HR in Transforming Employees into Trusted Brand Advocates

Employee advocacy means activities employees undertake in their personal capacity, to make the brand they work for popular among their...

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Brand Advocacy Campaigns

Advocacy Marketing

4 Guidelines to Measure Your Brand Advocacy Success

You know it, and we know it – a basic tenet of any marketing campaign is that it needs a...

Digital Skills


Harness the Digital Skills of Your Employees and Customers

Evaluating the skillset in your workforce and in your customer base is vital to your business growth. If you haven’t...

Employee Brand Advocates

Brand Advocacy

5 Ways to Grow Employee Brand Advocates

Here is a presentation on 5 ways to grow your employee brand advocates. As brand advocates, your employees have huge...