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Advocacy Marketing, SlideShare

5 Tips to Improve Your Advocacy Marketing Efforts

Here is a presentation on 5 tips to improve your advocacy marketing efforts. Advocacy Marketing is the best thing that...


5 Key Steps to Building an Advocacy Marketing Program

Here is a presentation on 5 key steps to building an advocacy marketing program. Today, social media opens up a...

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Employee Advocacy, SlideShare

5 Key Benefits of an Employee Advocacy Program

Here is a presentation on 5 key benefits of an employee advocacy program. The industry experts agree that employees are...


5 Important Goals for Using Advocacy Marketing

Here is a presentation on 5 important goals for using advocacy marketing. Advocacy marketing harnesses the power of your employees,...

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The Role of HR in Transforming Employees into Trusted Brand Advocates

Employee advocacy means activities employees undertake in their personal capacity, to make the brand they work for popular among their...