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What are the Different Components of Advocacy?

Here is a presentation on what are the different components of advocacy? The advocates spread positive word-of-mouth recommendation about your...


Value of Advocacy Marketing

Here is a presentation on what is the value of advocacy marketing? Advocacy marketing has become a digital word of...

Why micro-influencers trump over celebrities

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Advocacy Marketing, SlideShare

7 Advocacy Marketing Tips You Need to Learn Now

Here is a presentation on 7 advocacy marketing tips you need to learn now. Advocacy marketing is a great way...

Advocacy Marketing, SlideShare

5 Tips to Improve Your Advocacy Marketing Efforts

Here is a presentation on 5 tips to improve your advocacy marketing efforts. Advocacy Marketing is the best thing that...


5 Key Steps to Building an Advocacy Marketing Program

Here is a presentation on 5 key steps to building an advocacy marketing program. Today, social media opens up a...