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Personas in Advocacy

Personas, Social Media

Personas: Your manna for building engagement.

Picture this. You slugged it out through alpha and beta. You sailed through positioning and product launch. Reception looked promising...

Socxo Recognition

Advocacy Marketing, Blog

Recognition as a start-up and as a content marketer.

Last few weeks we have been featured and recognised both as a start-up and for the content we’ve been creating....

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Advocacy Marketing, Brand Advocacy

Top Five Ways to Tackle Vanishing Organic Reach

Has social media-enabled organic reach reached its end? The numbers aren’t encouraging enough. Organic reach on social media is essentially...

Brand Advocacy Pitfalls to Avoid

Advocacy Marketing, Brand Advocacy

Five Brand Advocacy Landmines and How to Avoid Them

What drives employees to be engaged with the brand? What makes some folk get the bigger picture while many don’t?...

Advocacy Program Strategy

Advocacy Marketing, Advocacy Program

Advocacy Program Strategy: How to build one that delivers.

Word-of-mouth has for long been among the most powerful marketing tools in existence. When your customers, employees, and fans promote...