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What Is in It for End Users in an Advocacy Marketing Platform?

Although organizations reap business benefits through advocacy marketing, how does it help the ones using the platform on a day-to-day...

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Is Your Social Media Advocacy Strategy Effective? Measure The Major KPIs

The social media evolution has impacted the way organizations consider their brand building, communication and marketing efforts. It has unlocked...

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Employee Advocacy In Action: Are You Ready To Recommend Your Organization’s Products & Services?

When it comes to marketing a product, brands adopt the conventional approach of customer-oriented selling pitch to influence the buying...

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Advocacy Marketing Is All About Content Marketing

Including employees, customers and partners in co-creating brand communication and amplifying its reach & engagement has redefined advocacy marketing as...

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Let Your Employees Quantify The Success Of Your Brand Advocacy Efforts

There has been a radical shift in the way organizations perceive their employees. The role of employees is no longer...